Friday, 9 May 2008

So...Why are you on the Floor with your Pyjama Bottoms on?

I'm excercising, obviously.

The time has come to stop looking in the mirror and using adjectives such as "cuddly" and "healthy". When you stop fitting the most rudimentary items of your wardrobe arsenal (we'll meet again, Yellow Check Shirt :'( ) It's a sad day for the biscuit tin.

I've never counted calories before - my mum's always instilled the notion in me that as long as you eat healthily, you can eat as much as you want. Which is fine. If you're my mum. She runs approximately 85990993 miles every day, and goes to the gym, and goes to evening torture classes. And also, she tends to eat rye bread and things that involve very small portions with cottage cheese. I've always followed her advice, and until now it's stood me in good stead. I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm not obese or anorexic...I'm grateful for all of these things. But moving out and creating my own recipes has meant a LOT of cheese, a LOT of olive oil and a serious amount of fat-ridden Value Mince dishes. These are not the healthy meals she was talking about. It needs to STOP!

I was looking around for crosstrainers today (well, I'm not going outside to excercise am I? Think about it. People will SEE) and I came across this little gem of a calorie counting website.
We got off to a bad start (It knew I lied about some measurements, and then the BMI indicator called me fat) but now I can see it's going to be a useful tool in my ultimate 9 stone goal. It tells you how many calories you should be working towards each day, and once you fill in what you had to eat, it can tell you how you're getting on. Pretty neat. Let's see how long I keep that up for.

So, from now on it's all low fat shenanigans. Oh fun! I miss cauliflower cheese already.
This isn't going to become a recipe blog, but if I find any gooduns, I'll be pasting them here.

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