Friday, 24 October 2008

Review #1

I've decided that to improve my writing style and to strengthen my review writing skills I am going to write at least 2 reviews or short pieces of writing a week, and post them here.
This week I went to see Frank Turner in Leeds. Here's the review:

On Tuesday the 21st October, the worst example of a gig hosted by an NME darling graced the Cockpit. Of all the loyal Frank Turner fans who braved the rain and potential banjo playing, none had made the effort to look cool. None hung back at the bar seemingly unaffected by the music they’d paid to hear, and there was not one person there who didn’t know the words. This crowd was filled with avid fans and excited newcomers, and aside from the fact that there was a bar, you could almost believe you were back in Nambucca or at somebody’s flat, Frank belting out serrated alt. folk insta-hits from his perch on the kitchen work surface.

This feeling of comradeship has been a staple of Frank’s live shows right from the start. It might have something to do with his crossover from the post-hardcore scene when his band Million Dead broke up. The ‘Dead’ fans simply carried on feeding him their much-needed support and in return his shows have a warmth and a sense of friendship that doesn’t seem to exist elsewhere. Joyful opener “Reasons Not to Be an Idiot” opened the main room’s collective lungs, each song after this receiving louder cheers from different sections of the crowd until “Worse Things Happen At Sea” which invited the evening’s shrillest roar. During the last chorus of “Photosynthesis” the crowd was handed the job of backing vocals, a job description everyone lived up to extremely noisily.

This was Frank’s first gig in the big room at Cockpit, and despite his budget marketing, it sold out, with the rest of the tour selling out fast. His latest single “Long Live the Queen” – a charity song for breast cancer in memory of his friend Lex – is played faithfully on Radio 1 and hopefully this means the whole country can discover Frank’s biting lyrics and join in themselves on backing vocals.

Oh and there was one banjo, but it was at the end, and it was alright.

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