Thursday, 15 January 2009

Heathrow Airport HooHaa

Just in case we'd all ran out of things to worry ourselves into a coma about, the plans to build a third runway for Heathrow airport have been "yey"'d by Mr Gordon Brown.

Now, I'm not an expert, but I do know that nearly everybody knows that this is probably a bad idea.

The prize for being the most annoyed by the decision (and there were a LOT of people who were annoyed when I was watching Sky News at lunchtime) has to go to the people of Sipson, a community who will have to be rehoused because the runway will simply run straight through the village. That's a bit annoying. Ridiculous in fact. The government has said that they are willing to bulldoze their way through a whole village to build something that was already extremely unpopular. Yeah, well...who needs 700 extra votes, eh?
[More coverage on this here, on the Independent's website.]

The arguments in favour of the runway mainly cover the country's fears of total economic meltdown, and run in the general vein of "it will bring more tourism, and that's an important industry for our country". That's fine. I guess I can believe that. The parts of their argument that I don't appreciate very much is the re-emergence of Joe the Plumber. His profession wasn't mentioned this time however - perhaps he was recently made redundant - instead he was "Average Joe", a lowly working class UK citizen who so desperately wanted to get away from it all to spend a week in Benidorm, but couldn't afford to in the current economic climate. Or at all, come to think of it. Because of the extra runway, more cheaper holidays will be available, because more budget airlines will be able to operate. I don't really swallow this reasoning.

1. If people can go away to other countries for less, that surely means they're going to spend less in the UK. Doesn't it? Surely we wouldn't need as much revenue from incoming tourists if we were tourists in our own country?

2. Why has the battle for the runway suddenly become concerned with class? Way to throw the issue, Labour.

3. What about the climate change thing? Does that not matter anymore? Have we forgotten about that?

All in all I'm confused and fed up with the fact that the Conservatives have jumped to the plate harrumphing and boo-yahing, claiming that if they were in power, this would never happen. Great. So they have one policy worth listening to, and basically what it consists of is doing the opposite of something Labour have done that's been horribly unpopular. So that's what politics means.
I can see David Cameron being prime minister. I can see it very clearly. And I don't like seeing it very much at all.

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