Friday, 9 January 2009

DEAD SET on Scaring My Pants Off - E4's perfect zomborific distraction from real life scary events

Despite the country falling into an economic depression, global warming threatening to wipe out the Maldives, and the devastating and horrific attacks in Gaza, what stopped me from sleeping last night was some gory horror fiction. The world is in a terrifying mess at the moment, and I'm pretty ashamed to say that I'm trying my hardest to cover my ears and hum a little tune to myself, in the hope that I can at least get to the summer holidays without having a nervous breakdown.

Good news then, that there seems to be quite a lot of interesting shows on the telly to keep me distracted. One show in particular which I missed first time round, is Dead Set, a zombie-filled horror short series, based in the Big Brother house. Repeated late last night, I made the mistake of watching it just when I was about to go to bed. Although the show has many of my favourite things incorporated into it - gore, zombies and dark humour - I was just a little too tired to appreciate the programme fully. What mainly transferred itself into my brain was a sort of horror-nausea, a sort of general unease that although zombies are completely fictional, this all looked a little bit too realistic.

Commendations to Jamie Winstone who managed to scream and panic in a non-grating and thoroughly believable way making her character "Kelly" the most likeable; and to the rest of the cast who at times did seem a little wooden, but mostly played their respective parts with real emotion and conviction. Some lines did seem a little "have I heard this before?", but this could proabably be attributed to knowing Charlie's style inside out at the moment. (Yes, I know, embarassing blah.)

On the whole, Dead Set was scary, shocking and at times was even actually moving, and the only downside I'd mention would possibly be the occasional badly-delivered line. It left me too scared to go to bed after it had finished, and so was forced to watch TV for another 3 hours. Great stuff.

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