Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Pontins and Bang Face - A match made in entertainment heaven.

Pontins is beating the recession and I know why. It's their unique (if slightly unorthadox) events that are attracting the pursestring-tightening droves.

I visit Pontins every year now. But it's not their cheesy-centred blue-coats I travel accross the country for. Even though Shane Richie cut his 'entertaining' teeth at Camber Sands, I head there for the alternative weekender.

It's name? Bang Face.

Although it sounds more like a horrific Saturday-Night-'Round-Morecambe injury sustained in a muddy gutter, Bang Face is actually a weekend of all out noise.

I mean this in the most attractive sense of course. The weekend actually consists of a solid and constantly astounding line-up of the world's biggest and/or most popular alt-dance, Aphex-esque, IDM-tastic rave acts. This year, Altern-8, Bong-Ra, Beardyman, Skream and Shitdisco will be playing into the night. I could list the line-up, but in all honesty, I'm not sure my keyboard would be able to take the strain.

I never use the word rave lightly. This place is like an all out war between two massive lightsabres fought primarily with highlighter pens, set to a soundtrack of mainly exploding spaceships hovering far too close to everybody's heads. Say what you might, everybody always has a smile on their face.

Does it still sound incomprehensible (It does even when you're there, so don't feel too out of touch)? The good news is that good old Pontins has other gatherings for nische music fans or fun-seekers.

A 48 hour 80s party starring the REAL Toyah and the REAL Bananarama, a weekend of Rock n Roll where it is practically compulsary to dress like Mark Lamarr, and a scooter rally are just some of the frankly EXCITING things that go on in this neck of the woods.

Is holidaying in Britain family fun-filled again? I don't know about that, but some Bank Holidays are certainly getting filled with smiling adult faces.

(Tickets for this year's Bang Face are now sold out, details for other events are available on the Pontin's website, or here, here and here.)

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Anonymous said...

Im hoping to go there this summer for a weekend of 50's rock 'n' roll. Finances permitting

The chalets are so old it adds a certain reality to a 50's weekender.

God bless Pontins.

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