Monday, 2 February 2009

Secrets and Stories

Chain letters are usually my least favourite things. I hate being told to fill out a form or pass on a message to 4000 friends (normally because I don't have that many friends), but I filled out a seemingly yawnsome questionnaire on Facebook yesterday, and now that everyone else is too, I'm beginning to see different things about my friends.

It seems a bit sad to me that I had never asked my friends questions aboutt their lives before. I thought I had. I thought I knew them all extensively. I guess I was a bit wrong. The main point of the exercise was that there were no questions - just the numbers 1 through to 25. All you had to do was put something interesting about yourself after every number.

It sounded like a challenge, but it's surprising how narcissistic you can become when you're allowed to talk about yourself.

On reading everyone elses I learned things about people that I perhaps should have known before. Names they got called at school, places they've visited, their favourite why don't we talk about these interesting parts of our lives in everyday conversation?

I feel like a madwoman sometimes. After a few drinks my mind wanders off to a place where I can remember my favourite songs and my best day at the beach, and I start talking about them. For ages. I can't stop usually, and it's at these times I can feel myself becoming one of those drunk ranters. A person who doesn't shut up. But maybe if normal conversations were as stimulating as the ones dictated to me though my drunken personality, i wouldn't have to save up all my enthusiasm for the pub.

Maybe if it wasn't so strange, I could turn round to somebody and say "have you ever made pinaeapple upsidedown cake? It was one of the first cakes I made by myself, and even though it's so rubbish, I still love the taste and smell of them the best".

But I can't. I'm mysanthropic and uninterested. I dislike most things. This is the personality people are used to. Start becoming excited about a smiley face made out of rain on the bus window and people start edging away towards the dribbling man with the bright orange Danone hat on. Yes, he knows it's a yoghurt. He like the colour. Do you know what else he likes? So you care about the crazy man's likes and dislikes more than mine? I'm getting off, I'll see you all later when I've had some gin.


Anonymous said...

Im also one of those people who has to rely on drink in order to become sociable and I hate it.

I want to be able to hold a conversation without also holding a pint.

Is this why so many journos are drunkards? Who knows.

Woe is us!

Anonymous said...


..I know you tagged me in that chain thingymabob but I made a decision never to do those things. I'm not ignoring you.

If you wish to know 25 facts about me I would happily oblidge through an email or something

Katie said...

I think you're on to something there....we're all drunk because it's the only way we can commnicate.
Bad, isn't it.

Please do send me facts! I am nosey and I like learning about people :)

Anonymous said...

i, too, wish i didn't need to consume at least two snakebites and a few sambuca shots before feeling like a natural communicator. but when i say things in normal, sober conversation and get ignored it hurts. after a few units of alcohol, i couldn't care less! you'll listen to me whether you like it or not mate!
ahhh and like danny, i have been reading the 25 things blogs but don't normally fill things like that out. i might leave it in a comment instead or something cos it is interesting :)

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