Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Calm Down Dear - It's just a pseudo-democratic regime masquerading as a police state

Before I begin my possibly misguided and probably misinformed rant of epic proportions, I'd like to thank my friend Chris for providing me with the title for this particular slice of pure car-smashing anger.

Paired with university studies and reading on my own (finally, I've discovered I won't just learn by sitting on my arse refreshing my Facebook page and drinking endless glasses of cheap red wine) I have become, over the past fortnight, the angriest and most powerless small pretend writer girl in the whole world. I'm a ball of flames, a tiny shaking epicentre of nano-rage. I want to break things, to hurl abuse and bricks from my windows, to stomp to London and place pulse mines under Number 10's floorboards and laugh maniacally at the splintering wood and roof tiles (I chose pulse mines specifically - they are quite rubbish and rarely even injure the things you aim them at. I don't want death or even injury. I just want to smash stuff).

You see, before this term of my life, before I worked in the real world on placement, before I had lessons in how politics worked, I didn't care. It was worse that that - I didn't know how to care. I didn't understand how politics affected me, or how little I affected the democracy we live in in this country. I still don't understand fully, more's the pity. As previously mentioned, I'm misinformed and cynical without knowing proper facts, therefore I am the least useful person to write a piece on feeling under-represented and resented in parliament. What I do feel though is that far more people need to reach this stage of dawning horrible realisations. Once people suddenly wake up and feel that disconcerting empty space in their stomach when they realise that perhaps their government doesn't care about them after all, maybe things will start to change. We need to do something about this.

Now, I'm not suggesting we have a revolution. I'm definitely not saying that. What I am saying is that we all need to be demanding to be fully represented. Our needs should be taken into account, not skirted around as "issues" to be dealt with later, much later. What politicians want and what the people want are completely separate. We are told to vote from an early age. I didn't and I feel extremely guilty about it. But WHO DO WE VOTE FOR? In a country where Labour now tread to the right of the spectrum, and where people are seriously thinking about voting for the BNP what hope do we have of changing things for the better? When people are so dissolutioned with the state of their so-called democratic government, the high and mighty, those who know what's best for us, that they're spoiling their ballot papers in disgust, what hope do we have?

I say "so-called" democracy for a couple of reasons, namely though, that our cries over important issues fall on deaf ears. Our protests, our pettitions and our marches are met with the stony glares of people who have already made up their minds. Charlie Brooker wrote last week that "politicians have nothing but contempt for us". I hate to admit it, but I feel he's absolutely right. We get in the way of their schemes. We don't want a third runway, we don't want to carry on polluting the world to extinction, we don't want to be at war, we don't want the police to be able to detain people uncharged, to torture, to be allowed to carry guns and shoot suspected - SUSPECTED - terrorists on sight. We don't want to be filmed every waking minute of our lives, and have our details saved and then subsequently lost by an incompetent secret service. We don't want to ignore the pleas of starving countries, we don't want to pay for failing banks to get back on their feet, we don't want to have to live in an economically derailing country where the people at fault are given disgusting pensions and bonuses instead of being remanded in custody. Our futures are ruined! Uncertain at best! And what, please tell me, is being done about it? Because I don't know enough about these things to feel consoled. I just feel numb, disenchanted and completely unempowered.

Tell me how to feel less like a small drowning drop in the ocean, because I don't know how much longer I can holdon to my sanity. I'm angry, ill-informed, moderately educated, and I want answers. Pass me that balaclava, the summer of rage is on its way.


CrumbleMix said...

do you think politics needs to be taught from an earlier age? Maybe there should be a GCSE in Politics

Andy said...

Pulse mines are for robots.

Also, lets just move country. Easy way out, less tear gas.

Katie said...

That's not a bad idea at all. THe politics I learned at school was very basic, and I really do wish I was more knowledgeable about it now. What do you think?

Katie said...

Yes, so if I pulse mined Number 10 it wouldn't hurt them, they aren't robots (I think)

Dazzla said...

"(finally, I've discovered I won't just learn by sitting on my arse refreshing my Facebook page and drinking endless glasses of cheap red wine)"

Shurely shome mishtake?

Katie said...

Sadly not, Dazzla!
Thanks for reading btw :)

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