Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Games

Here are some games to play when you're laid up in bed, unable to move due to the immeasurable amount of alcohol, shame and nicotine in your body. None really involve any effort, so they are also perfect for playing when you're in hospital, wehn you're on the floor in a club or if you've forgotten how to get out of bed.

1. What's that Noise?
A simple game to play in that waking half hour before complete nausea sets in. There's an unidentified sound coming from somewhere. Too quiet to be a siren. Too high-pitched to be a phone. A dripping tap? Or has the kitchen got indicators? Is that a car alarm or an air raid warning screaming 35 miles away? Nobody knows, and only you will dare to dream.

2. Rehydrate
The rules are simple - how long can you put off getting a glass of water before your brain dries up and the inevitable happens?

3. My Fucking Phone!
Hilarious fun for all concerned. You think you hear your phone vibrating somewhere on the floor, but no! It's gone! The beauty of this game is the sheer amount of situations that can now arise from here. Where did you go? What did you do? What was that taxi guy's name? Who were you talking to last? As with many classic hangover games, there is no real answer until you sober up and ring every bar in town desperately pleading for the handset that now represents your every major downfall and the dawning of a new era where you "never drink that much again". This game is sometimes called "Holy Grail Phone".

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