Sunday, 15 March 2009

Post Secret

Every Sunday I remember that I've got another page of brand new secrets to read. I love Post Secret, it satisfies a voyerism in me that would otherwise have lain dormant, save for the times when I listen to conversations on the bus (people say such open things when they're surrounded by strangers. I think it gives them a sense of release).

This week was no exception, there were secrets that shocked, secrets that were clearly attention-seeking shock tactics, and the odd postcard that made me feel genuinely in touch with a complete stranger. It's what we do with friends to feel closer isn't it? We share secrets. Well, at least you're supposed to, but I'm not so good with secrets. I always think I'm an open book, that my life is there for all the world to see and read and judge, but I'm learning that there's much more to me than that. Not to get deep or in any way personal (god forbid), but I'm beginning to see that everyone, no matter how well-balanced or settled they seem, has secrets.

I think that what's most enjoyable about Post Secret is the way that you have no idea who is sending in their deepest thoughts, and sometimes, the thing that's bothering them is so adorably shallow or unimportant to the layman that you wonder why we get so worked up about such tiny things. The best part is when you find a card that says exactly what you feel, but it was sent in by a complete stranger you'll never know in America.

Their books are just as good, but I like the Sunday morning thrill of reading other people's carthartic scribbles.

Go look for yourself.


peterRepeater said...

Bookmarked in my sparse book of Sunday routine. ;-)

Katie said...

Good. So it should be :p

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