Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Shock as beauty pageant contestant has ill-informed opinon

In these illuminated times we live in, people are merited on their mental abilities as well as their perfectly manicured, symmetrical faces. This is why in recent years the much scoffed-at "Miss World" pageant has updated its competition to include more thought-provoking questions, to enable contestants to show off their well-rounded education and interesting views on the world and its intricacies. Instead of the usual "What would you do if you ruled the world?” they add a bit of politics in there to make it interesting.

Carrie Prejean, California's hopeful for the crown glittered her way on to the stage in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, with a Disney dress and a raspberry smile; met with polite applause and garish set decorations. She nervously waited for her difficult question.

Well known blogger and general gossip tit Perez Hilton took up a mic and asked whether the rest of the USA should follow Vermont's lead and legalise same sex marriages across the whole country. A fair and interesting question. Carrie Prejean took a second to compose herself, and then raising her heavily-highlit eyebrows explained how she thought it was great how people could choose who they were with in America, but in all honesty, she was brought up to believe that marriage was something that only men and women should share.

Awkward silence and redneck cheering ensues.

The thing about this bleak incident in modern culture is that people were actually surprised that a woman who utilises her looks as a way of winning awards managed shove her foot so spectacularly down her throat when faced with a somewhat challenging moral question. Did they really expect a coherent and well-informed answer? Perhaps I'm being too harsh on the poor girl, after all, she was only meant to be winning a prize for being eye candy. They asked her to give her opinion, and she did exactly that - unfortunately for her she hadn't really given much thought into it up until that point. I wonder what it's like for people who spend their lives thinking they feel strongly about a subject without really looking into the reasons why at all. All I ever seem to do is constantly re-evaluate my hastily-drawn opinions, mainly because of crippling self-doubt, but also because I seem to needlessly judge people on a regular basis. It must be quite a freedom to have, to just be able to draw up an opinion and then stick to it, deflecting all outside input to the contrary like a de-ionised Mr Sheen dust barrier.

Ms Prejean is now being lambasted by gay activists around the country, and hailed as the voice of sense by right-wing groups in America. Because, of course, the misguided opinions of an eerily moulded airhead would hold some sort of sway on public views on homosexuality, wouldn't it? Why not hold her up as the voice of reason? She's somebody everyone can relate to - 5'10", blonde hair, size 2 (American) and earns her money by modelling and attending events simply because she is Miss California. She's definitely the type of person you'd look to for your political standpoints.

Living in a free society, she’s entitled to her opinion. We all are. It makes sense that Carrie Prejean would see marriage as a man/woman sort of affair – she strikes me as the Disney princess type, and when was the last time you saw the strikingly effeminate cartoon prince run off with the ruggedly handsome male lead? Some people live sheltered lives, and some people live their lives in denial, and some, bless ‘em, are too stupid to realise that they don’t have any opinions of their own. What we definitely shouldn’t be doing however, is sending hate mail or letters of support to this woman. Freedom of speech is a right we’re still fighting for, and even if it is getting utilised by brainless wigstands live on air, this doesn’t mean our own views are being trampled on. It just means the stupid ones are getting more airtime, but when has that ever not been the case? I thought I'd sign off this exceprt of strained impartiality with the peerless Bill O'Reilly's stance on the subject. Enjoy.

I just thought it was vaguely ironic that close up she looked more like a tranny than any man in makeup I’ve ever seen.

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