Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Voting for people you don't care about has never been so important.

A country under pressure can do crazy things. Depression, bent politicians, decade after decade of lies and precarious economic structure, and an unjust distribution of wealth; coupled with tax evasion by the richest being ignored to the detriment of society can lead people to become violently in need of some change. And not David Cameron change. Spin, untruths and troubling factors of our crumbling country being stuffed under the carpet are showing more and more unsettlingly that history, no matter how unlikely it would seem, can repeat itself. With our government falling apart the way that it is, (at this very moment I had to stop typing to read the happy news that Hazel Blears has resigned as Communities Secretary) people are questioning the true level of democracy that our country upholds. Why is there not a general election now? Unsatisfactory governments lead to unhappy and angry citizens. Angry people make rash decisions. Those willing to appeal to the little man, parties who want so desperately to gain power that they are ready to prostrate themselves in front of the public, will seemingly take charge of all the aspects of life the current government has dealt with unsatisfactorily – jobs, immigration, “the youth”, education, policing, safer streets, bus routes, pension plans, potholes in the road – in order to gain votes. Slow and steady wins the race. Unsettlingly, one party knows this better than all the others, and has gained a steady increase in its followers simply because of these “back to basics” ideas. Clearing up litter, for example. Promising more jobs for local people. Talking about bringing back capital punishment and sorting out the prison system. [If you're interested in how the BNP are gaining votes, this is very interesting article on the subject from The Spectator] I know it’s been said before, but I’d like to bring something to your attention. During my history exam yesterday, I was struck with the horrible realisation that people were promised all these things and more by another famous leader. He did marvellous things for the economy. Unfortunately, the little good that he did was only there to mask the true evil of his regime. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you to an eerily similar number of events happening in the UK today that also began the Nazi rise to power in 1930s Germany.

Tomorrow, Thursday the 4th of June, it's time for everyone to vote in the European Parliamentary Elections. When I say everyone, I mean everyone - not just the people who can be bothered. The amount of people I have chastised this week for saying "but I'm not really interested in politics" has run into the thousands (probably). Of course you are. Don't dumb yourself down, the word "politics" can sound daunting and unfriendly, just as the words "algebra" and "algorithms" strike fear and clamminess into my soul, but honestly, you really do care about politics. Nearly everything you complain about as a British person (except for the weather) is to do with politics. Even when your bus was late the other day and you had to get a taxi to a job interview. Or when you had to spend 45 minutes on the phone to HM Revenue and Customs because you were paying too much tax. Anything you’ve ever yelled at on the news. But this isn’t what I’m ranting about today, we’ll save my ‘political empowerment’ speech for another boring session – what I really want to stress is just how important it is for everybody to use their vote tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just as long as we keep the BNP out of the European Parliament.

There is a very real chance that the British National Party (or the National Front as many still insist on calling them) may win enough seats to enable them to join the EP. People are dissolutioned enough to vote for them, even despite knowing their unashamedly racist and violent beliefs, because of the state the country is in at the moment in the hands of our failing Labour government. People who know little about politics are being told by the BNP that they are the only party “not in it for the money.” “Punish the Pigs!” they said, dressed in suits with pig masks on, snuffling in a trough of money. “We’ll sort out the country!” they seem to say, and a whole population of disenchanted, tired and angry people are lapping it up. Single party regimes are always led by a powerful propaganda machine and a talented orator somewhere along the line. By poking at these raw issues, Nick Griffin is effectively able to downplay his misguided and terrifying racially-intolerant views. If he’s lucky, nobody will notice until he’s in a seat of power. And then like Hitler, Chancellor of Germany in 1933, his opposition will slowly disappear, as will any ability to vote against him. It’ll be too late. And then the “sending home” will begin. And (and this is a speculation of course, based on previous events led by Griffin’s hero) so will the expatriation, persecution and genocide. Exaggeration? Sometimes that’s the only way I can get my message across.

Please go and vote. Because if you don’t, and they win their seats, you only have yourself to blame. There are other ways of rebuilding this country – it isn’t done for yet. Don’t give up and reach for the easy option. The Autobahns came at an unthinkable cost.

[Everything you'd want to know about voting in the UK]


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog! Someone at work yesterday said "I'm not going to bother voting, there's no point they're all rubbish" or something along those lines.

She maybe be right, but when there's always one party a lot worse than the others you have to vote to stop them gaining votes. I hate how the British Nazi Party is now viewed as a moderate party and how people think they've changed their ways.

Katie said...

Thanks :)

Apparently I've totally "Godwin's Law"'d my own ass with it though. Whoops.

Spread the word - get out of bed and vote!

Martin Higgins said...

Great stuff Katie. These dickheads cannot be seen as representing a 'protest vote' or we will be in real trouble.

peterRepeater said...

Good blog post.

If only to influence the composition of the EP, I shall be voting for a lesser evil.

Katie said...

Good good, glad to hear it :)

I know they're all pretty bad, but some aren't as evil as all that.

Richard Vivmeister Hirst said...

It's easy to see why Nick Griffin believes himself to be the leader of a master-race - just look at boner-inducing photos like this one:

Watch out, girls!

Katie said...

Ooof, be calm my loins!

Bailey's Beads said...

Godwin's law is unavoidable if you write about nazis, don't worry.

Shame the Dutch version has won four seats already. These parties lack any content, nothing but a voice of discontent about something you don't know and thus are afraid of.

Luckily the green parties won allot as well, it's a reaction to a reaction.

Katie said...

I had never heard of the law before wrote this...I feel so stupid lol

Can't wait for the results on Sunday...

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