Friday, 2 October 2009

Reader Interaction

If I've learned anything from the BBC, it's that at times of crisis (ie. there isn't a lot of news to fill the half an hour that you could be bothered to collect) the best thing you can do is ask ordinary people for their input. So, like the endless snowman pictures of yesteryear - alright, last year - I am asking you, you lovelygorgeous readerperson for your advice and intellectual ideas. Not due to lack of ideas, you understand, just as a timefiller while I'm ill, and also to help me create the Portobello Mushroom of the future. At least I'm honest :)

So here's what I'm asking: If I were to build myself a nice shiny website filled with biscuitblog stuff, would you visit it? Or is the simple blog format the reason you like this particular scrawler? Would you look at multimedia content, or would you rather i stuck to writing?

The reason I'm asking is becuase I couldn't help but feel that my blogs are getting ever so haphazard in their subject matters. I'm writing one about fashion one week, and then launching into women's rights in the next, stopping off in a horrible personal experience layby. Would you like it if there was a way of easily clicking to a subject you wanted, or do you like it jumbled? Would you like it to be easier to search for past entries, or do you like to think that what's in the past should stay in the past?

Please, please, PLEASE leave me your feedback, it would be ever so helpful to me.



Rita said...

Personally (as if i was ever going to have someone else's opinion... ) I prefer blogs with simple layouts, with less youtube videos and more random "today I ate oranges and by the way I'm really excited about this... umm.. new religion I found and I simply cannot forget to call my mom about the dress I left there the other day and isn't it awful that people abandon their pets in the summer" personal posts.
I do like to read what was written before so I'm a fan of labels and tags.
Was this the kind of opinion you were looking for?

chestymorgan said...

Deffo make it easier to search for past entries!

In my opinion,the more disparity of subject matter the better.As with a novelist,if I like a bloggers 'voice' then I want to read it all and a wide range of subject matter implies a braver writer to me.

I think you write so well that the multimedia aspect is unnecessary BUT if it'll get more people reading it,get you some paid writing've gotta to do what you've gotta do :D xx

Katie said... to the website then?

the_man_in_the_middle said...

As long as there is a flash game section with a game where a virtual Katie noms biscuits, the shiny biscuit giving the most points...

Can you not put Google adsense ads on these blogs? If not, I'd definitely get some web real estate and monitize this mother-flipper.

the_man_in_the_middle said...

Nom Nom Katie!!! (I've only tested it in Firefox and you'll need to allow pop-ups)

Katie said...

You are INSANE! I love it! My very own game!

I didn't put ads on here because I thought it would ruin the look of the place. Maybe I'll give it a go though. Hmmm...thoughts?

the_man_in_the_middle said...

I'll send you the code if you want. If you can find someone who can actually draw to re-design it and if you want a leader board, polynom-multipliers, shiny biscuit bonuses etc it's all doable :)

the_man_in_the_middle said...

Thanks for deeming it sidebar worthy!

You should link to to make it appear in the pop-up.

I'll keep tinkering away at it. :)

Katie said...

Ok. Thanks :)

WHO ARE YOU?!! hahaha

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