Saturday, 23 January 2010

Drinking the Kool-Aid

When it comes to topics that make you do a sad-face, the usual response is to ignore them. Ignore them until they leave you alone. Sometimes though, a topic is too important to put your fingers in your ear and hum away, and one such a topic is your family's health. Or your own health, for that matter. Everybody wants to be healthy and the opposite of dead, and when there's news reports about this pill and that pill having horrendous side-effects it's only natural to be a bit nervous about what you're swallowing. Especially if it's a load of old tripe. Pardon my elderly relative's french.

Homeopathic medicine used to be known as supplementary to regular Doctor-Dosed meds, and for many it was on a par with witchcraft (ie. totally unbelievable, unsavoury nonesense). In recent decades however, the people's interest in "Healthy Living" has seen a huge insurgence of homeopathic medicines on the market, making millionaires of those creating them in the process. Hate the pharmaceutical companies? You should probably hate the people who founded huge herbal medication factories too. They are making billions out of an industry based on placebo and chin-strokingly vague results and research methodologies. But don't take my word for it, read up to your heart's discontent at where Ben Goldacre chats sense and scary statistics until you'll never look at St John's Wort the same way again.

Some people are sick and tired of plant extracts and sugar pills being continuously heralded as the next greatest cancer-prevention aid. They're tired of people being told to avoid taking prescription medication by ill-informed news stories and homeopaths themselves. What do you do when you're fed up of something? No, silly, you don't ignore it and hope it goes away, you set up a big protest and stamp your feet! And the great stamping shall begin tomorrow, at 10:23 in the morning on high streets across the country, with cynics and sceptical-types alike downing bottles of homeopathic tonic courtesy of Boots to prove that rather than dropping down dead or becoming super gingkoba heros, absolutely nothing will happen, thus proving that the "tonics" are a load of old cobblers. The brilliant Jack of Kent explains it perfectly in this little gem of a blog (click me).

Let's hope nobody get's poorly sick. Not only will it be an unhappy tummy time for those who took part, but it'll prove tha baddies right. And nobody wants the manies to win while the righteous are resigned to bed with Pepto-Bismol and the bile burps, do they?


Jamrock said...

I don't really have much to add to this. I kind of do but it's more 'debate in the pub' rather than 'comment in a box'

however, I would say that this is one of the best written, well laid out posts you have written since I have been reading.

Ok, as you were, Biscuit, keep up the good work.

Katie said...

Thanks a lot :) We do need to have a big debate in a pub one day, I think we'll end up having a hilariously abusive argument :p

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