Wednesday, 10 February 2010

COMPETITION! - Win a Dorset Cereals Goody Bag! Exclamation Mark!

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mum had bought you a new cereal that was so exciting you didn't even mind waking up at 7am for school because you got to eat it? It was on a par with getting a new toothbrush, if I remember correctly. Heady times indeed. Well, who says only kids are allowed to have tasty cereal that makes them happy? NOBODY, that's who.

I've teamed up with Dorset Cereals to provide one lucky winner with a whole breakfasty-treat-filled goody bag to make their mornings that little bit more bearable.

Why have I picked cereal? Well, since I began my new diet, their Super High Fibre cereal has become on of the highlights of my day. I kid you not. Either I have a dull, dull life, or that is one godawesome cereal sent straight from unicorn fairyland.

[And for the ingredient conscious among you, they are 100% veggie friendly and contain only natural ingredients]

So, here's what you do -
To start with, you have to follow my blog (sozza, rules is rules!)
Comment here telling me that you'd like to enter.
If you have a blog yourself, please make a little post about this competition - your friends might want in on the action!

And that's it!

I was going to run this for a week, but I'm going to be lovely and let you enter until midnight on Friday the 19th of February. (Next Friday).

Get entering and remember - even cynics need breakfast.


Shaman said...

I'm in. I just like winning stuff. Even if it is just a box of assorted grain.

mr bear said...

I would hereby love to enter you Dorset cereals Goody Bag competition, yummay :D

I will post this on my blog, but i dont think anyone reads it, maybe you will, would you like to enter an awesome competition?

Emma said...

Enter me please - I need something to make these icy 5am starts more bearable!

Lauren Loves... said...

Oooh enter me please! woo xx

Dan said...

I'm in. Especially if I can get some of the elusive original flavour you recommended but which my Tesco doesn't stock.

Mike said...

I credit Dorset Cereals, and their alluring cardboard packaging, with my current long-term addiction to muesli. At the mo my preference is a big bowl of Tesco Finest with extra apricots, dates and cranberries swimming in soya milk - an exceptionally awesome way to start any day!
I don't know if your competition is open to Ireland, but i thought i'd voice my solidarity with fruity-flaky-cereal appreciation anyway. Nothing dull about it!

zashiq5 said...

enter me! i love cereals!

posted it here(sidebar):

Pinklilycat said...

I'd like to enter please miss biscuit.

Alan Eagle said...

I am following you in hope that I win a tasty pack of sweepings from a bird cage.

I actually LOVE muesli but cannot afford tasty Dorset cereals :(

Katie said...

Nearly winning time! Thanks for entering!

Make sure you click the follow button or you can't be entered!

Bethany Haitch said...

ID LOOOVE to enter!! =)
Enter Me. Enter Me Yaaaay!
The Cranberry, Cherry & Almond one i use to eat hahaaa! Thats a good reason to want to enter ox

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