Friday, 15 October 2010

Reclaim Your Lunch Break With Dorset Cereals!

Do you set enough time aside every day to have a proper lunch? If you work in a service-based job like I do, something involving retail or customer service, you'll probably be given set breaks where you get to sit down with a cup of water-soluble caffeine, but if you work in an office, there's a whole different dynamic going on.

The perils of a double-dip recession sound mainly sherbet and swizzle stick-based, but the reality is far more bleak. People are working day in day out in fear that their job might be whisked away from under them, like a well-worn metaphorical rug. As a direct result, people are working late for no extra pay, and shunning lunch hours in favour of getting extra meeting prep in, all because of the underlying fear that non-committal will be punished.

Of course bad behaviour at work is met with formal rebukes, but should your tea break be looked upon as an unnecessary luxury? Should employers really be following Gordon Gekko's motto "lunch is for wimps"? Or are they happy that you're taking healthy rest and you're just paranoid? Well?

Not everybody can live the rural idyll of pet goats and home-grown veg, but we can all treat ourselves to a half-hour of decent food and relaxation, whether we work in a factory or a boutique hotel. That's why Dorset Cereals have started a campaign to get frazzled workers out of the office and into a bonafide, proper lunch break! And, as luck would have it, they've just brought out three more flavours of their frankly yummyscrumptious cereal bars to put in your lunch box. How convenient! I'll be reviewing them later this week, all for you, you understand. I'm so good to you.

I've clubbed together with the lovely Rob from Dorset Cereals to offer four of my readers the chance to win some of these lovely lunch bags packed with chewy oaty cereal bar goodness, and as an added bonus, I'm making one lucky mega-winner a special prize pack with a recipe book and other things I haven't quite decided on yet inside!

All you have to do is enter my little competition.What I'd like you to do is send me a little comment or email about what your ideal lunch dates - maybe you'd want to chew the fat with Stephen Fry over a salad Nicoisse, maybe you'd prefer to drool over an ice-cream sundae with all your friends. The best ones will be chosen by me, and will be posted on this blog with a link to your website (if you have one).

So get cracking with your stories!
I got carried away and didn't say when the closing date was!

Visit their website: where you can find a pdf "OUT TO LUNCH!" sign for your computer!


emily13 said...

I'd love to have lunch with my friend Sue, just a boring ordinary lunch like other people have, as you see she lives in New Zealand, so for me to visit her would be very expensive and take forever, and she is ill and isn't allowed to fly, so there's no way she can visit me. I haven't seen her in 6 years, so just to be able to magic her in for a lunch would be really lovely :)

JColston said...

My ideal lunch date would be my husband, Simon at Mat Follas' The Wild Garlic in Beaminster in my favourite county of Dorset. The restaurant is perfect for a relaxed and mmmmmm-inducing lunch break (and shouldn't therefore be squeezed into a lunch break!). The decor is rustic chic, the staff are fun but professional and the food is fabulously fresh, in imaginative combos and cooked by a Masterchef!

Mat said...

My Ideal lunch break would be to get to sit down with all my friends in an English countryside pub and just while away an afternoon staring, eating, drinking and generally being merry.

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