Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Shit Films and Dubious Recommendations

Over-enthusiastic and completely fabricated film critic quotes are not a new phenomenon - how about Sony in 2001? But this time I'm not ranting and raving about a well-publicised lie, I'm amused by something altogether more legal.

There's yet another 3D Cartoon mess all over the cinemas at the moment. Alpha and Omega is an animated story about two wolves in love (of course), and believe it or not, the reviews for it have not been fantastic.

 [Image from telepisodes.com]

My usual haunt for finding out whether films are worth seeing is Rotten Tomatoes, and I was given quite a lot to giggle about with some of the bite sized reviews. "Alpha and Omega, an unambitious 3-D animation about a couple of young wolves in love, isn't so much howlingly bad as it is howlingly boring." says Michael O'Sullivan from the Washington Post. "It's an ugly, laughless 3-D cartoon about wolves that is so wussified and stupidified that it'll bore kids and make their adult minders wish they'd done something comparatively interesting, like cleaning the gutters in the rain." adds Kyle Smith from the New York Post. Sounds great huh?

This got me thinking. Who on earth gave it the very flattering quotes for the advert I saw for it in-between episodes of Jeremy Kyle? (Two brothers battling for a stake in a £25000 inheritance....that might not exist! Back after the break...) I couldn't help but try to find out.

NYC Movie Guru. Sounds pretty authoritative. "Charming...Hilarious....Will win your heart" it says. "At an ideal running time of 1 hour and 28 minutes, Alpha and Omega is a thrilling adventure full of imagination and humor. It’s the best animated film of the season. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it." Want to read the review? Here you go. Not the glossy page I was expecting from the main positive reviewer for a fairly famous film. I might not be the only person who found this a bit odd.

As an independent blog, I'm glad they are sticking to their own opinions. When a movie reaches our cinema screens with little better than a well-read blog telling potential viewers that it's good though, does this mean the industry is wasting it's time and money making these 3D computer animated Lion King rip-offs? Should Justin Long really be whoring himself out like this? Will 3D ever be left alone like the gimmick it truly is?

I don't have a point really, I just wanted to know what you all thought....


breadelectro said...

i remember reading this article when it appeared:


how cool is the internet, the fact that i actually found that article is ace

Katie said...

Ooh, yeah, I remember that! Nice finding!

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