Thursday, 27 January 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

I contemplated writing about sexism, but nearly every "SMASH IT" joke has been done. Then I started writing a spoof pro-man article, but Anton Vowl did it better. After a half-baked plan to spool out 500 words on how there are never enough female comedians on panel shows, I remembered that I'm not a huge fan of most female comedians anyway - probably because I've only seen the same four in circulation since the dawn of humanity. Deciding against this possibly highly offensive and divisive Real Life Issue, I was then given the gift of something beautiful popping up on BBC 24.

A grand piano has been found washed up on the shore of Miami. It's not newsworthy, it's not relevant to any of the world's Big Issues, and yet it's the most interesting thing I've seen in a long time.

I have a whimsical imagination, I think it's fair to say, and I love the idea of a grand piano floating around the oceans. It could have been anywhere, it could have seen shoals of silver tuna and breaching whales. Where did it come from? It could have been planted there by an artist, or dumped by a late-night fly-tipper, yes - it could also have been played in the elaborate dining hall of a 50s cruise ship. It could have been part of a shipment across the world for a famous concert pianist. It could have been on the Titanic, it could have been played at a beach bar in Tobago, it could have been used to hide Tommy guns in the 30s. And now here it is, washed up in Florida, upright and dignified, waves lapping around it's mahogany legs. I want to know what people played on it, and I want it to be left alone on that sandbank forever.


Craig Tonks said...

I love this. It is far more interesting than half the "news" we see. Eastenders story-lines; a celebrity has done something with her hair; etc.

I like your 50's cruise ship idea. The thought of it being a long used piano romatically returning from the waves gives me happy feelings. I hope someone restores it and it is played once more.

Katie said...

That would be lovely, although that would mean removing it from the sea, which is it's home now!

Craig Tonks said...

There is that yes. But one day it will have to move and on that day I hope it is restored.

Pinklilycat said...

Perhaps it was learning to swim? Should have worn armbands! Silly piano.

Katie said...

tee hee! What a silly suasage...

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