Sunday, 20 March 2011

Leeds Beer, Cider and Perry Festival 18/03/11

I manage to miss the Leeds Beer Fest every single year, so I had to make definite sure that I'd make it to this one. I booked the afternoon off work, I ate my tea in the train station (ultimate chicken and bacon sarnie, vegetable samosa) and got to Pudsey Civic Hall for quarter past four. This year, I meant business.

Instead of writing a big long boring blog about it, and partly because I've only just stopped being drunk, the review and high points of the festival will be noted by way of the Live Tweets I sent straight from the scene. That's right, I am a real roving reporter.

And there you have it! The festival itself was an impressive affair, and everyone was extremely friendly. Also, the tuck shop was a gorgeous thing to behold - jalapeno crisps, TWO types of pork scratching, every type of Pepperami, penny sweets...pretty amazing stuff. And then there's the Beer-Cream van. If there's one thing the festival showed me, it's that summer isn't far off, and I'm getting very, very excited about that. MOAR BEER PLZ!


ZenArcade said...

Hey - did you get in touch with Anthony at all? (sorry this is so unrelated!)Still a bit worried about the poor fella.

Katie said...

Yes, don't worry, he has some things to work through but he'll be alright.

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