Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Musical Stimulation

Sometimes, something special will stop me from functioning properly. Not much has changed from when I was a kid - things that would keep me awake at night consisted of Impending Christmas Day and A New Muse Album.

My taste in music might have changed slightly over the years, but the overwhelming excitement when my favourite artists release new stuff - anything; albums, singles, a bootleg, can sometimes be a bit too much. I'm glad that I can still get this excited about music. I know a lot of people who are numb, or at least pretend to be, to almost everything. What's the point of being awake if you aren't alive? I've done a lot of thinking recently, and I've decided that pessimism and cynicism are for chumps. If I want to stay awake all night to wait to hear a song I'm excited about, I will. If I want to play a song 17 times in a row because it makes me happy, I will. I mean, I'll also go outside and do regular people things too, but every now and again when a little gem like this appears, I won't be berating myself that it made me feel a bit sick. Childlike enthusiasm is a rare beast in these grey days. I'm keeping hold of mine.

So, without much more wittering, here are the two songs that have been tearing through my headphones/speakers/mind. The first is Burial's new track, which he worked on with Thom Yorke and Four Tet. I must admit, when I first heard about this collaboration, I thought I was going to throw up. Massive "OMG I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD" overload. Give it a few listens and all the pieces fall into place. There are only a few artists that I love as much as Burial, and this didn't let me down.

Next is a song I discovered on Tensnake In The House - an album that came out last year but somehow managed to pass me by completely. It's by Mount Kimbie, another duo who managed to escape my (admittedly wonky and bad at receiving tips) radar, but whom everybody seems to have heard of, so I must be a bit thick. This track, in my opinion, is beauty in musical form when it's on headphones. It takes on an ethereal oddness when it feels like there's only you and you alon who can hear it.

I know I don't usually post about music, but I felt I really had to this time. If you want to read more personal music posts and hear music you might never have heard before, check out my friend Zoe's blog - she posts EVERY DAY and alongside the new music there are old gems from electronica past.



ZsaZsa McMusic said...

Thanks Katie, nicely done!! Love it! I was going to post both tracks tomorrow haha, but you bet me to it!! :)

Katie said...

You deffos have to post Mirror, it's bloody AMAZING! :D

ZenArcade said...

Hi Katie, this has nothing to do with your post unfortunately but I was wondering, are you affiliated with xthemusic in some way? He's a youtube user that regularly posted charlie brooker episodes and did Lets Play's etc, i believe you was linked in some way as you did a video with him a rather long time ago. anyway, his latest video may be of some use to you and I thought you (a friend, or I assume you are) would like to see it as it seems the poor fella is in a right state at the moment and it's a shame to see the poor guy putting himself down in such a way...

just thought you should know.


Katie said...

Thanks for letting me know, I'll see what use I can be :)

Katie said...
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