Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Newsround and a minor meaning of life

In a world filled with horrendous media lies and cynical nay-saying, sometimes it's easy to give up and think "everything will always be this shit." It is. Easy, to give up, I mean. I gave up a while ago and started believing that the world was a cruel hard place filled with people trying to bend you over a McDonald's counter. I didn't live in a nice world when I gave up. Outside my house lay a wasteland filled with the remains of a world trying and failing to rectify itself after a series of catastrophic events (it's hard to talk about living in a Yorkshire town without mentioning the war, you can still imagine the bombers flying overhead as you walk through endless red brick terraces. This isn't romantic, it's depressing. Endlessly depressing), each blowing holes in the tiny glimpses of optimism we'd salvaged from the last. Gunmetal grey skies compounded the fact that the world I lived in was not one of fantastic opportunity - it was here to crush me.

One day, I woke up. Not literally, I was already awake, but I suddenly came to a bit of an important realisation. Everything isn't shit really, is it? Sure, that was easy for me to say, I was on holiday at the time, but it's true. I found myself sat on a grassy hill looking over a tarn in the sunshine while the sun grazed my skin and turned me terracotta - summer is the only time of year my dubious 'Irish' heritage is called into question - and I thought "what the fuck are you on about?" Just like that. A second before I had been contemplating the futility of life, the next I was wide-eyed and Cox-esque. A dawning realisation had hit me, and luckily I was in such a doicile mood that I hadn't the foresight to scoff it into submission. Life is lovely, sometimes. Suddenly, this was enough for me.

The reason I'm sharing this incredibly personal anecdote with nobody in particular is because of a number of stories in the news this week; one being a particularly poisonous diatribe against depression (again from the Daily Mail - I'm not linking to it, if you want to see it search for "bi-polar" on their site), another being the glorious weather we've been having, and another perversely being the sad death of a well-loved actress. Elisabeth Sladen was loved by thousands as Sarah Jane in Doctor Who, and later in the Sarah Jane Adventures. Tributes had already been piling up on Twitter and Facebook as soon as the news broke by the time Newsround began talks into how they would present this sad news to their very young demographic. What struck me was not so much the way they handled the issue (which was remarkably responsible and appropriate, in my opinion) but a page on their website for kids upset by the news.

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It just helps me believe in the human race a little bit more. Of course children should be told this, and it's touchingly simple in it's approach. Sometimes, no matter how shit everything is or could be, or has been, tiny glimmers of sincerely lovely things come through. I know a lot of people I care about aren't quite feeling themselves lately, and I just want them to know that humanity isn't all a big pile of rotten sewage.

I don't know why, I just thought you'd all like to see that.

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