Wednesday, 25 May 2011

PJ Parents, in which I CROWDSOURCE and use OBJECTIVITY

Yesterday, the BBC ran a news story about Gateshead parents being banned from school property as long as they wore pyjamas to drop off their children in the morning. I had done my favourite thing when I found this news story, which was catch it right before the phetted-up comments biled their way onto my screen, and so I had a fresh, calm view on the implications of this.

Courtesy of Original caption quotes rather sinisterly:
"Some parents were still wearing pyjamas at the end of the school day"
(I read that out like I was Rip Torn. I hope you got that.)
Rather than discuss it in my own self-righteous way however, let us remember that I am no Polly Toynbee. I've called men in flip-flops categorically cunt-like without exception. I make sweeping generalisations. I assume that I'm right (as all good cash cow columnists should). I wanted to crowdsource. After all, don't we live in a world of free media out the yin-yang? Let's all have a say in an arbitrary probably-not-going-to-be-followed-through rule from a state-owned institution. Remember: Crowdsourcing isn't laziness. It's WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.

What do you think? Are you actually going to comment this week? Or am I not being provocative enough? How about now? (I'm dancing provocatively. You should also know I have the flu and am in my PJs that have an owl on.)


Simon Jenkin said...

I can understand Ian Tustin's comment is somewhat valid (him being the only teacher in the thread of comments), but then I saw he'd put "Your trying to teach" and my disillusion towards the education system obliterated any respect I had for him and his opinions.

I'm now going to go do some shopping, go to the bank, go to the doctors and maybe a walk through the park. And I'm going to wear my pyjamas, dammit.

TheUnwashedMass said...

I think everyone's missing the bigger question: Why the hell do people even wear PJs?

Katie said...

Simon - Don't be mean to my friends please. Also, pics of shopping in PJs required.

UM - I wear PJs because they are cosy and I like them. And mine have an owl on, as previously disclosed.

Sir said...

Simon, I'm assuming the issue your taking with my comment is with my use of 'your'. I don't proof read my facebook comments, nor would I expect anyone else to.

Spelling and grammar is not my strong point, never has been. If thats enough to 'obliterate any respect' you have for a person or their opinions.. well, theres always room for one more in my PSHE class- I think prejudice and discrimination is penciled in for after Christmas.

Simon Jenkin said...

1. I sleep naked, I don't even own any frickin' pyjamas.
2. Hyperbole is bad and it only leads to trouble.
3. Are any of your students hot? I didn't get much action in school and would like to make up for it now.

I'm probably kidding.

mr bear said...

i do often wear my pyjamas underneath my clothes, just so im prepared for any occasion. i don't think anyone else has the right to tell parents how to dress in the morning school run. as long as it isn't offending anyone's moral sensibilities then who are we to say whether they are wearing their jimjams? at least they aren't turning up starkers, as i'm sure that would cause offense

Pinklilycat said...

Ha ha ha! Brilliant post. Personally I have a serious issue with the bloody PJ nazi's. Leave the poor comfy buggers alone won't you! Seriously, I'm WAY more offended that some people take their kids to school wearing Crocs *shudders*

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