Thursday, 30 June 2011

Google+ and all that 'starting another social network profile' thing.

I got an invite to Google+ today after moaning that I wasn't special enough to get one (which made me feel a bit like a total dick, but there you go). I was all excited, because it's always fun to start again from scratch, isn't it? You get to add people who really are actually your friends, don't you?

Apart from it isn't that good, is it? All this "take it from the top, no funny business" stuff. It's empty and cold, and it feels like all my friends are far away and compartmentalised into efficient and clean little boxes. They might be coloured circles, but really they are boxes. My friends aren't allowed sunlight in there, and they are wondering why they've been invited to come along and sit in a box. I can't tell them why. I have no idea why I asked to be invited to sit around in a box all day, listening to people ask why they are sitting around in boxes all day. I suppose it's nice that we are all confused together.

The best bit is YOU! Isn't it! You! YOU'RE THE BEST BIT! etc

At the moment I feel like I'm all alone in a sterile building. Not a hospital, that would be too morbid. Perhaps a really clean train station, or MacDonalds. There's that unnerving feeling of space, as though at the moment you've got loads of it, but pretty soon all of it will be taken up by movement and queues and people sitting on your shopping. Like walking around Barbican at night (Using recent events as part of my analogy arsenal FTW).

One good thing however - I have discovered Google Chat, which means Facebook Chat can go take a hike, like the bozo it is. I know I had it before, but it seemed a bit primitive having Gmail open all the time. Or is that what people do? Oh, I'm so confused. They certainly don't have Facebook open all day, which is what I've been doing, so thank god I'm not in that gang anymore.

So, I'm taking bets on when BRITNEYSUCKVIDS shows up for old-time's sake. 3 weeks?

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Andy said...

Once you get an android phone you'll change your tone! The instant pic upload and instant messenger thing is cool!

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