Friday, 17 June 2011

Lovely Letters

I was hit in the face earlier today by two adorable letters on the Threescore blog via twitter. I say hit in the face, it was much more like having cats thrown at you while eating candy floss and staring at a rainbow.

The adorableness was started off by Lily, a 3 1/2 year old girl who has decided that Tiger Bread needs to be re-named Giraffe Bread. Good call, Lily. Now, a normal person would smile and move on with their life, but those who know me well may recall that Tiger bread is one of my all-time favourite foods. Eating it is one of my favourite pastimes. It takes up a great deal of space in my heart, and it is a large part of my life. So, for something to be concerned with it at all made me very happy. After all, there are still people in the world who have not tried the deliciousness of a freshly-baked Tiger loaf. Horrendous shame.

Courtesy of threescore

In response to Lily's suggestion, a lovely person under the name of Customer Manager Chris King aged 27 1/3 realised the true importance of Tiger Bread, and agrees that it has a silly name. Due to his sweetly funny reply, I am now somewhat in love with Chris King, Sainsbury's Customer Manager aged 27 1/3. It has been decided that he has a nice friendly face, smiles a lot, is fit and likes animals. Unfortunately it isn't made clear if he is in fact a he, and may of course be Christine or even Crystal. In which case, many apologies, you are lovely and nice, but I don't think it could ever work between us. You write a very nice letter, however.

courtesy of threescore

So - crusty white bread, a lovely friendly smiley person and a cute and curious little girl (who I think might have a tricycle and bunches). Today has been a good news day.


Looking for ways to stalk Customer Manager Chris King aged 27 1/3? You weirdo. I'm not going to stop you though, here he is on Twitter (and yes, he is a he, just as I suspected. Judge the fitness on your own.)!/chris16king

This person knows Chris:


Anonymous said...

So what's happenign with you and my mate Chris, you going to marry him?

Katie said...

I think I'd get death threats if I did...

1. 4.
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