Monday, 13 June 2011

Reasons that I am sad about the sale of BBC Television Centre.

After noticing that a few people are bemused about how sad some people are regarding the closure of BBC TVC, I decided I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why I'll be sad to see its demise.

1. I used to think all the newsreaders and TV show hosts lived in it, like a big sleepover. They all had sleeping bags and the CBBC broom cupboard was the best room to sleep in because it had all the toys. Once it gets sold off, I'm concerned that some of the less well-remembered presenters might get left behind (aka. Toby Anstis).

2. The white dots on the wall outside will forever remind me of Children In Need thanks to endless panned shots of TVC during awkward filler moments in the mid-90s, and is there anything more BBC than Children In Need and a faltering Wogan-ologue about 'phones ringing off the hook'? It was my childhood dream to climb those white dots like Spiderman.

Have you ever seen something so ready to raise money/celebrate New Year/gunge Prince Charles for a laugh?

3. Seeing the circular courtyard in the middle of a show - let's say Noel's House Party - always felt anarchistic and exciting, like when you were allowed to do your Maths lesson outside on the grass.

4. It is instantly recogniseable as the home of the BBC, and crumbling and old as it may be, it sums up British TV better than any other landmark (other than perhaps the foam map of the UK that used to float in Albert Dock for Granada Weather with Fred). For something so beige and utilitarian, it really has done an excellent job at becoming iconic.

5. Once, George Alagiah held a door open for me in the news centre.


Anonymous said...

I'll remember the BBC centre mostly for being attacked by weird, checkered, 90s special effects-y orbs in the Live & Kicking opening sequence.

Katie said...

Yes Shane Croucher! Yes!

1. 4.
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