Friday, 23 September 2011

ANOTHER CRUSADE - This time it's WHAM (and Highland Toffee)

I heard some very sad news today. Apparently, Millar McCowan, the company behind such confectionery as Highland Toffee bars and the timeless Wham Bar are going into administration for the second time.

This means, sweet fans, that there is a possibility that there will be NO WHAM BARS. None at all. Forever.

I can't cope with this, and once again put on my campaigning hat and starting hammering out emails to companies I thought might be able to buy the beleaguered company and save our sweets (SOS).

First on my list was Swizzels-Matlow.

Dear Swizzels Matlow (you really do have the best company name in sweets history)

First of all, let me tell you that I have long been a fan of your sweets, ever since they were filling up a well-planned party bag or used as a bribe to make me hoover the garden or take out the bins as a child. Drum stick lollies have always been my favourite (although those weird powdery round lollies that seem to last forever and are shaped like Jupiter are quite good too).

I am writing to you with a bit of a cry for help, if I'm honest.

I found out today that Millar McCowan - makers of my childhood after school treat Highland Toffee and also the pleasingly zingy (but sometimes painfully sharp) Wham Bar - are going into administration for the second time.

This has made me, and in fact my entire office very sad indeed as these sweets like yours are integral parts of our childhood memories.

My rudimentary knowledge of business has led me to understand that the only way Wham Bars can remain on the shelves of newsagents everywhere is if another, more successful company buys Millar McCowan and agrees to continue making these wonderful purple roads of chewy sugary delight. I'm asking you, as successful sweet makers and business-savvy individuals to take a bit of a fun risk and help this struggling company out. I know a lot of people who'd like you very much if you did so, and we'd all add you as friends on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you decide that Highland Toffee is worth the effort.

Kind regards,

Your friend,


Don't think for a minute that all you can do is stand there and watch in horror as the option of buying a Vimto bar slides slowly out of reach - do your bit! Either leave your name and a contact email address in the comments section here (or DM me it on twitter, or email me it if you like) or contact them yourselves!

I have also contacted AG Barr, as although they are a fizzy drinks company, they sell the Irn Bru bar through Millar McCowan, and I thought they might like to help keep the company Scottish. So here is their email too!

If you can think of any other companies we could approach to help save the Wham Bar, I'd be thrilled to hear it. I mean it. Literally thrilled!

Happy emailing!

(I promise I'm not trying to make a habit of this sort of campaigning thing, but I feel this is important).

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