Friday, 16 September 2011

My crusade for Rocky Ice Cream begins.

It's a common misconception that chocolate digestives are the best biscuits. They aren't. Rocky biscuits are the best biscuits. Yesterday an idea was born. Rocky Ice Cream.

I have decided that I can't live a day longer without Rocky Ice Cream.

I have thus and with verily muchness of speed contacted Fox's Biscuits with the idea, in the hope they will create this masterpiece for us all.

Here is what I have sent to them so far.

Hello Fox's Biskwits.

I wanted to contact you via Twitter but I don't think you're on there - you should perhaps think about getting yourself a little account, we really like biscuits over there.

What I wanted to contact you about was this - I've come up with a great idea for something you should sell. Something so great you'll think "Oh my word, WHY HAVEN'T WE ALREADY DONE THIS?". I know that personally, I can barely stand to live another day without this idea coming to fruition and ending up in my local supermarket.

I present to you the naissant idea of ROCKY ICE CREAM.

I don't mean just a choc-ice-type confection. I mean a Ben & Jerry's sized tub of malty vanilla ice-cream swirled with caramel and generously scattered with huge chunks of Rocky biscuit and milk chocolate.

Think about it. Is that not the most delicious thing you've ever heard of in your life?

Please think about making this a reality - I know several people who'd happily eat this product, and I bet I could find more.

Yours hungrily,


(@Shinybiscuit on Twitter, if you decide to make an account and want a friend to talk to)

If enough people decide they want to help, maybe I'll make a Facebook group or something. until then - WE WAIT.

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@mightytonka said...

I would eat Rocky Ice Cream. Great idea Katie Shiny Biscuit

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