Monday, 12 September 2011

Zombie Finishing School with 2.8 Hours Later

Preparation is key if you want to survive. People can spend months and months storing food and supplies in their homes, but when the ravenous hoarde starts dragging itself through the streets, will they be able to use their weapons appropriately? Will they remember which order of unlocking the bolts and chains on the door is the fastest? Can you afford to wait until it happens to find out?

It's often said that to understand your enemy, you must know it entirely. Get inside their collective mindless heads and know what their next moves will be. For this reason I felt it would be pertinent to go along to a Zombie Training Course and really get to grips with what motivates the undead - learn their feeding habits (rabid) and their sleeping patterns (nil). I joined a merry band of like-minded sorts and booked myself into Zombie School, where I was taught as much as a human could know about being a ravenous corpse, without actually having to undergo the trauma of being bitten. Which was nice.

Inside our makeshift barracks ("no pictures - this is top secret") we watched instructional videos and filled in necessary paperwork. We ambled and crawled, hissed and screamed as we lurched towards our tutors, as they shouted our motivations. "You are Zombies! You do not talk! No laughing!". Later we were allowed outdoors to take our skills to the streets, howling and dodging and staring wild-eyed into the faces of our prey. It would be a fair assessment to say that a lot of us got a bit carried away.

In our games of capture-the-flag we learned more about defense tactics than we ever could have barricaded into our houses at the turning of the apocalypse, and for that I'm very grateful. Sashes became gory trophies, and car parks became bunkers we were prepared to guard with our life. Imagine how much more intense it would have been were we wearing full make-up.

On the 22-24th September we will be bringing our terror to the streets of Leeds as part of a street game called "2.8 Hours Later". You should take a look, it's fun as well as educational. It's all for your own good, you'll learn how to survive without being caught. You have one advantage - we won't bite.

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