Friday, 14 October 2011

Love Letter to...Anders Ilar - For The 405

Sometimes it’s easier to avoid speaking about certain types of music, because you know all the comparisons swooping in and out of your thoughts have been made before. It’s difficult to talk about Scandinavian electronica without slotting back into tried and tested descriptions of the musical landscape. The thing is, perhaps the reason that it’s so easy to place such uniquely clean and articulate sounds side-by-side with enviably dramatic surroundings is because the landscape directly inspires them. Yes, perhaps if one more person describes Röyksopp as cold and mysterious or The Knife as expansive and wild, icy, that their latest work sees them ‘thaw’, then we might all be forgiven for giving up on music journalism altogether. The problem is however, I’m trying to write a love letter about a particular aspect of Swedish electronica, and all I can think of is glaciers, forests, grand sweeping cinematic shots of vast freshwater lakes and frozen 4pm sunsets. That these images are so intrinsic to much of the Scandinavian electronica we hear sort-of lends itself to the idea that perhaps there is a definite link there somewhere.

Anders Ilar

You can read the rest of this article over on The405. I hope you like it, because it looks like I'm going to be making these love letters to electronica and dance music a semi-regular thing.

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