Monday, 3 October 2011

Why do I like DnB?

I get asked this fairly often. I don't usually have a satisfying answer, because, well, I just do. However I was sat in the sunshine yesterday afternoon and I thought of something suitably gushing and lovey-dovey to say about it (it's amazing what sun, Calibre, Shantaram and being forced to not use any gadgets due to a power cut can do to a person).

It was as if I was found, without being lost. I fell into it late, but heavily, and with all my heart. Every new tune, every witty mix progression, every beat, every click, it pulled me with it, turning my face towards optimism and hope. In ways a person could only understand if they were feeling a fleeting moment of bliss, my days were suddenly and endlessly enriched by the constant cascades of rhythms and deep bass I tirelessly and hungrily sought every spare moment of every day. Like looking into the sun, like staring out over a glittering ocean horizon, a consuming calm gently dropped down to cover me; a calm that somehow keeps me feeling alive when everything else can seem painful, dormant or redundant.

And that's why I like drum and bass. Now if somebody would like to get me a drink and something to moan about, that'd be great.


Dreamer. said...

it's shame that you ever have to justify why you a like a genre of music, in this case DnB. Nevertheless, a heart warming explanation.. :)

Katie said...

Thanks Dreamer :) It's not usually a reproachful question - people just wonder why on earth you'd like that awful doosh doosh doosh music. Bless 'em and their tiny minds.

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