Sunday, 15 January 2012

SP4M - 15/01/12

Fucks sake, my ultimate evil rinse out tune has turned into a song about frogs - Paul Inside:Info

This week I've got a lot of links to get through because I've been spending a lot of time saving money, which means a lot of time staying in and mucking about on YouTube/Soundcloud. So let's get cracking, starting with Break's first Symmetry Recordings podcast. Full of tunes, as you would expect. I'm pretty happy about this as I've been secretly/not-so-secretly hankering after one for aaaaages.

You know how Octane & DLR are brilliant? Well you can get their track "Ordinance" for free if you go here. I know, they're too kind.

Philth has got an EP coming out later this year on Flexout Audio, and despite my tenuous affiliation with them, please believe me when I say I am super excited about it.

Here's a track from Philth that was released on Peer Pressure Intl last year (which I love), and another from Philth and Facing Jinx who runs the label from 2010. Both are brill.

It's weird, but quite a lot of people have been talking about Spinline lately. Weird in a good way, though. A really good way. Spinline are fucking AMAZE, and they deserve to be huge this year. (Non-interesting fact: Spinline - Suburban / Jetpack was the first vinyl I bought. I only just started buying vinyl last year as you can probably tell if you follow me on Twitter, and I wanted it to be Spinline. That's how much I love 'em, innit.) Anyway, I'm not sure why (apart from the fact that it's awesome) but this is the track that's been doing the rounds. Look out for a Spinline EP on Demand soon. I am really, really, really excited about it.

Bored? Always wanted to know how you got to being a superstar DJ? Try the Trickart DnB bio generator. Made me laugh for an entire afternoon.

Preview Raffertie's upcoming EP on Ninja Tune. It's rate good like. - Via XLR8R

The Guardian are running a story on how Ketamine killed somebody. My guess is they danced too slowly in my way and I shoved them off a balcony.

This week I've been back on the Phaeleh train after recommending this excellent Phaeleh-only mix by somebody called Statue to a few nascent fans of the guy. It's one of my favourite train journey mixes, if you're remotely interested in beautifully-crafted dubstep, check it out.

More Phaeleh I've been rinsing this week:

This week I've also taken a long overdue look at the more techy end of the musical spectrum. I've had endless amounts of artists and pages bookmarked but haven't had the time/inclination to properly delve into house/techno - that is until I stumbled across this little masterpiece by Objekt and I finally caught the bug.

Which quickly brought me on to:

and this:

and this:

And then I was treated to the release of Swims, which I know people have been waiting for for years, but for me it was like...a few weeks? A nice bit of serendipity, I thought.

I know that this is what I'm buying next:

Another brilliant mix I dug out to send to a friend - Pangaea FACT mix, March 2011

Oh and here's something to get excited about - Monday 16th Jan sees the release of Pinch's Fabriclive mix (61). You can listen to it here. It is incredibly good.

ALRIGHT, I will get off the comfy sofa that is the album I am listening to and go out into the freezing cold that is the thing you are showing me.

A collaboration I've been enjoying very much recently is that of J.Sparrow and Ruckspin. Author released their self-titled debut last year and it fell under my radar (as so many things do, you know this, I'm not infallible) but now I have to say, it's been played every day since I bought it. I do love it.

If Author are new to you, I strongly suggest you listen to their live mix from Electronic Explorations, it'll get you hooked.

Something completely different now - another corking mix from Clarity, with all the depth and bass you'd expect.

Aaaaand a similarly storming one from Anile:

I want to take a minute now and talk to you about Smote. Smote needs more obsessive fans. Smote is wonderful. Plus, the name "Smote" is fun to say.

Silent Dust have a beautiful single on their self-titled 2011 album called "The Giant". Om Unit has done a remix of it, and somehow made it even more beautiful.

As of last week, you could pre-order Krakota's amazing new release Scraper / Tunnel Vision. The first big tracks of 2012. Makes you hopeful for the future, doesn't it?

Finally, I want you to listen to this track by one of my favourite new discoveries, (thanks Joel) Kwes. He's a colour synaesthesic (just like me!) and so his videos are supposed to depict the colours, pictures, shapes and textures he sees when he hears the music. Pretty interesting - however, contrary to popular opinion, we synaesthesics don't see the same thing as each other, so it's rather like having somebody describe their dream to you. No matter, it's still a gorgeous song, and a really trippy video. 

In one Messiaen organ work there is an entire page of long held chords. Asked what it was, Messiaen said: "Its a rainbow"

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