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SP4M - 22/01/12

I wish labels would take their own risks. Keeps the scene healthy, challenging & most of all, unpredictable. Start giving & stop taking - Psylence
I'm kicking this weeks SP4M straight off with a mix I only got round to listening to on Monday but which I have been obsessed with ever since. Om Unit is steadily becoming a favouite of mine (I am aware I have hundreds of favourites, I don't care much about this) and this mix for XLR8R from Dec '11 is pretty much perfect, right down to the unexpectedly inspired inclusion of Delilah - Go right smack bang in the middle. Listen to it or d/l it here.

This week I discovered two artists who have quickly become very special to me. The first is Raadsel, who released his album last year on Saturate! Records (did I put the exclamation mark in the right place then? I hate having to put incorrect punctuation in the middle of sentences). You can buy the whole shebang on the Saturate! (eesh) website on a "name your price" deal - be kind, it's worth your money. Click.

Before you do so, however, you might want to hear a few tracks (you can stream them on the website, but here you go anyway). I had this first one on repeat for about two whole days.

The whole of Saturate! is worth a look-in though, if you've not already paid them much attention. A good place to start would be riiiiight here - Saturated vol. 2

My second super special musical epiphany of the week came in the shape of Ghost Feet on Dropping Gems (thanks Omar!). Weird, joyful samples, glitchy happiness, bits of electronic longing...again, you can buy the whole album on a "pay what you like" thing, but as the person who recommended it to me said, "I'd happily pay for it again." Amen to that!

I dare you not to smile when you hear "dun du-dun dun DUUUH!" and the music kicks back in. Probably one of the happiest things I've ever heard.

This next 'un is my current favourite track because everything about it is perfect, especially the breakdown at 2:50 where you're all "I wish everyone on this train could hear this so we could all have a dance-off":

Phaeleh uploaded shit-tons of his mixes to mixcloud this week. This is a very indecently good thing.

I really wasn't sure about this remix the first time I heard it. Given that I subsequently listened to it a further five times, I decided that I probably do like it. PNAU - Unite Us (Raffertie rmx) (via xlr8r - just read xlr8r, it'd save me time posting links to them all day long)

To round off this bassy section, here's a bit of a beaut of a mix my mate Eops did for his friend's birthday. Great tracklist (Throwing Snow, Boddika, Visionist etc etc) and a fabberlous display of vinyl-only loyalty.

LOOK! LOOK! The new Commix album! 

"Dusted" is coming out on the 5th March, and it's brilliant, and everyone's real excited about it. Review done.

You know what else is exciting? ARP XP (or ARPxp or arpXP depending on your dependence on caps lock) has an album coming out soon, and it's being released on IM:Ltd, who I'm not going to talk about this week because I always do. Here's a taster of what to expect:

Er...the next thing I want to talk about is on IM:Ltd too. Sorry about that. 
Atmospherix - 101 Breaks / Dead Soldier came out this week. If you like your drums scattered and your bass deep enough to shake your fillings loose, this one's for you.

Something you all need to listen to asap - Need For Mirrors on Kiss Presents... A corking tracklist from who I perceive to be probably the coolest guys in DnB right now, including some fairly exciting dubs - new Mortem, anyone? Download it here (until I get told you're not allowed to for whatever reason).

This week, Krakota - Scraper / Tunnel Vision came out and you should definitely get it because it's ACE. That's all I'm going to say on the matter as I'm pretty sure I wrote about it last week too. Go here to listen to  and d/l his really rather awesome Kmag mix to commemorate the occasion.

Oh, another brilliant release on Demand? Yawwwwn...

Out on the 30th Jan - I'm not really yawning, I'm dancing in my chair.

A Clarity track I swear I've been hearing peppered about people's sets for at least six months is finally being released, to everyone's (my) relief. An absolute Tune with a capital T.

(Yes, the whole Icicle mix was awesome - here's the DnB portion to d/l because you just went "AHH it can't stop there")

Flexout Audio have started doing a podcast. Hurray! Get it downloaded, it's bloody brilliant.

Psylence uploaded a whole load of his "In Too Deep" mixes for everyone's enjoyment this week. Find them on the Ingredients soundcloud page where you can download 'em all n'all.

Ant TC1 on Kane FM - need I say more? 3 decks, one hour, tune after tune.

Don't you hate it when you want to embed a track into your music blog but it's not been allowed on Soundcloud so you have to think of sentence in order to hyperlink it? No? Ah right. Ed:it - Meditate is a helluva tune but currently unsigned, I'd love to see somebody snap this up.

Finally, let's all have a big love-in about just how great Optiv & BTK are. Their Over The Edge EP is due out next month (27th Feb to be precise) and it's basically a relentless dancefloor assault with added menace and nightmares. Their remix of Kontrol - Forcefield on there is a total beast, too.


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