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SP4M 14/02/12

What will become of Music when DJs discover you can drop the treble too? - Exmaswar
Hello. This week has been a busy week of playing catchup with albums, podcasts and tracks I have long neglected (and I mean loooong neglected - I'm still finding un-listened to Electronic Explorations from 2009). It's not all been old timey stuff though, because there are some really exciting releases coming out round about now...some I've been waiting for for quite a considerable length of time.

Kodo - a name that you should have heard at least once a week if you follow me on any social networking outlet you care to choose from - is FINALLY releasing The Jackal next week. I am very excited. In the mean time, why don't you pop along and buy his Rough Trade EP part 1, which is, as you'd expect, sterling work, and features this little beauty.

STOMACH-CRAMPINGLY EXITING NEWS, EVERYONE! Burial's Kindred "EP" is out (it's in scare quotes because it's about half an hour long, and that's the closest to any criticism you'll get from me regarding ar'Burial. The man's a wonderful, marvellous being and we are all lucky to live on the same plane of existence as him. Or something.) Ashtray Wasp is probably my favourite, but again, making me choose would mean that the others were somehow 'worse' and that just isn't true.

Get it on DD from Hyperdub now.
Get it pre-ordered on 180gm vinyl so you can stroke and hug it.

Guess what else is coming out soon? Only another bloody Med School compilation! Now if New Blood 010 and New Blood 011 got you as loved up as they did me, just you wait until you get your filthy little mitts on Blood Pressure. I've been lucky enough to hear the whole shaboodle and I've already picked some favourites. They're releasing previews of the tracks on their site, but you can also look at the Blood Pressure set on Soundcloud which gets updated with the new tracks every week too. My two cents: Look out for Clarity & Bulb's track, it's phenomenal. Also this new kid called Barefoot has seriously underlined what I thought to be the Med School sound. There are other highlights, such as gorgeous tracks from Submerse, Synkro and Blu Mar Ten, but I'll leave waxing lyrical about them until the week of release so you can actually hear what I'm on about.

Slight Kanye break:

Indigo - Snowfall. What a gorgeous tune. Heard it on the ROKO Electronic Explorations mix and had to share it.  For once I prefer the original to the Synkro remix.

I've been avoiding Duct because I actually live with one of them, but to be honest, they're really good and you should definitely give them some of your time because this track in particular is lovely.

This week I have mostly been rinsing (amongst other things - Why? aren't going anywhere tbh) Lapalux's very long, very delicious EP. Is it an EP? Is it an album? Who knows. Maybe I should ask their press people. Anyway, it's brilliant, you'll love it, and I'm really excited to get my vinyl copy in the post - however I was stupid enough to pre-order it along with some other stuff that isn't coming out til the end of the month so I've still got to wait ages for my bulk order to get delivered. OH WELL.

Now isn't this BEAUTIFUL? Synkro has yet again taken an amazing track and turned it into something other-worldly and wonderful and good. I wonder if he turned his attentions to water...could he could turn it into brandy?

A dolphin in a triangle coming out the water is the sickest brand logo yet to be born if you make that you will be smoking diamonds - Zomby

New Beastie Respond. Oh lord! New Beastie respond on my Soundcloud timeline! What a day that was. Syncopy got me hooked last year - Blawan's Trecther Mechanica remix on the other side was just. Massive. This time they've brought me/everyone else who cares a lot more minimal, techno-infused drum and bass. It's so mechanical it's basically dripping in engine oil. Uff, in 'Be Quiet' listen to THOSE CLAPS. I love it.

 bit of a change of pace for me and this blog if I'm honest, but I've been approaching the upcoming High Contrast album with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation. 'Father, Can't You See I'm Burning?" came out yesterday (Mon 13th) and it brought a relieved smile to my face, but have a listen for yourself - can't you already hear the sick S.P.Y remix bursting to get out?

What I don't know about Hathor, or indeed Totaal Rez, the label they're assigned to, could probably fill the British Library. You don't need to know much though, to know they are something I'd definitely be into. Listen to Bewitched - it's the sonic equivalent of when the girl from The Ring zips right through the telly.  Dark, deep and creepy as all fuck with the erratic sampling of a mad scientist's assistant pulling all the switches during a thunderstorm, I think Hathor might be edging into my ever-lengthening favourites list.

My weekly Spinline - Contrast EP update. Lastest: It's still on it's way. Release date 27th Feb. Get to KNOW.

Sad that M.I.A is fast becoming a guilty pleasure instead of one of my favourite artists.

That Strategy fella is a bit good at that rapping business, isn't he? Also a revelation: apparently Dub Phizix has an Aussie accent. You learn something new every day...

Some awesome tracks on this mix by Bringa, including Closer by ARP XP (and you all know how I feel about him), Mortem - The Touch (again, I don't need to go into that emotional rant), Trex and Anile & Dakosa. It's a bit odd, but I kinda like that. Plus, isn't it weird that Enei's Stonehead EP came out SIX MONTHS AGO? No wonder hearing it makes me feel all summery.

Melé for Mixmag - frankly nuts if you ask me. So much old skool and general party time vibes (ugh, there I go again with that word) it's just a massive grin in mix format.

Roots Manuva's rider = "cheese on toast, ten pints of bitter". (via@popbitch)
Objekt - Porcupine/Cactus. GET IT (or get it on Surus if you want DD). So much love for Objekt right now.

Lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely etc etc etc

Rene LaVice does a Panda DnB mix show. It's rather good. You should get it. (via Beats for the planet)

You may all be aware Skrillex won three Grammy awards this week, and in doing so beat Photek's remix of Daft Punk's "End Of Line". I was not very happy about this. I've decided to make myself feel better by putting "End Of Line" in this blog post so you can all see for yourselves just how superior it is.

As a result of Skrillex winning three Grammys (yes, three) I have decided that now is the time for my samurai revenge mission against him. To accompany me I have chosen some lovely vengeance-inducing Ennio Morricone. Sorry, you can't come with me. It's a lone mission.

I spent a lot of time listening to Pelican this week. Oh yeah, I like emotive sludge metal. Maybe I should have put that in my bio.

Bop and Ghosting Season's Electronic Explorations mix from last July (I told you I was really far behind) is astonishing. That is all.

Finally, let's have a nice long Burial mix by a pal 'o' mine why not:

Basically it's the natural progression of digeridoo dub bass. It feels how dance music would be in three years if the world ended now.


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