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SP4M 22/02/12

I don't know about you, but I think Pancake Day is too commercial these days. All those big flour and egg companies taking advantage of us.
As befitting a music blog that's only purpose is to put all my favourite songs in a list in the hope that at least one person will hear them and go "WOW I MUST BUY ALL OF THESE RIGHT NOW", I'm going to be totally selfish, and start off with two songs from my favourite band of all time, Million Dead. Now, I know there are guitars and live drums - I know, take a deep breath - and there is even a large percentage of shouting, but it's my blog, and I really have been listening to them a lot this week. I want you to imagine that for once you're allowed to listen to non-electronic music, and that nobody is going to judge you. This is a safe place. Just be thankful I'm not asking you to listen to Thursday (I might do that next week).

Right, let's crack on now. This week I was stunned by the news that Sub Zero - Protection was finally going to be released on Playaz. [You can pre-order it here on his "Bi Polar" EP, I know I am] I don't know what stunned me more - that after so long I would finally be able to own it, or the fact that it was on UKF. Some of the recent uploads on there make me think they're trying to shrug off their 'reputation' doesn't matter, the more people that hear this tune, the better. I spent most of last summer listening to a bad quality clip of Protection taken from the Hype show (I think) on YouTube with a picture of armed police on segways as the video, and as a result, it sounds fresh, airy, bright and reminds of very happy times, but I can't shake that weird precarious image of a wobbly gunman as it rolls along. I'm not sure what you'll do with that information exactly, but now you know.

I awoke to the news a couple of days ago that Synkro - Progression was finally (FINALLY!) released two weeks ago, and I completely missed it. Sorry. Brilliant, gorgeous track, definitely worth adding to your ever-expanding Synkro collection.

Also, you should grab his brilliant new RA podcast. Any mix with a tracklist including Indigo, GoldFFinch, Frederic Robinson, Stickman and Akkord is worth your time.

Speaking of Akkord (or "Δkkord" as they prefer to be known) their recent Electronic Explorations appearance was incredible. I said at the time that every once in a while there's an entire episode of EE that blows me away - this was one of them. Apparently they were brought together by their "love of mathematics...and sacred geometry". I'm not entirely sure what it means, but in my head 'sacred geometry' means making sense of rigid, angular lines and seeing something more spiritual there. Not to get all Pitchfork about it, but that's what they sound like. Definitely, definitely give them a go.

Blu Mar Ten have been running a remix competition for their laaavly track "All Or Nothing". There have been entries inspired by the entire spectrum of dance music, but so far one of my favourites has been Bulb's "re-think" - atmopheric, euphoric, all of those words. In a word, it's Bulb, and that's good enough for me.

Here's something else that's completely beautiful - last week I showed you the Synkro remix of Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - Oblique. The official video for the single is now available on YouTube and I have to say the original is no less beautiful. The current hype about this track is deserved, it's an unmistakeable piece of genuinely beautiful music.

Hey! You know how I love Beastie Respond? About a month ago he did a mix for Organic. It's really good.

The amount of times I've mentioned this you should already know by now, but The Jackal was finally released on Monday and you should go and immediately buy it because so help me, if any tune deserves to sell out, it's this one. The flipside "Behmoth" is awesome too.

This A-U-X Events podcast by Total Science is incredible.

Another excellent thing from Intelligent. Murky and dark but with a slightly techy, metallic edge, I really love this tune. Keeping a close eye on this label.

Can you die from finding a bunch of poetry you wrote when you were sixteen? - ARealLifeGhost
I incorrectly stated on my twitter feed this week that the Shades of Grey Data Transmission podcast was by Duct - it isn't, it was by all of them, I just got confused and only named the dude who lives in my house who's got a better cat than me who's part of SoG. SORRY EVERYONE ELSE aka. Owen Howells, Fybe:one and Trinomic. Anyway, you lot, the people I'm not apologising to, go away and listen to it. It's far too trendy for me to tell you about the tracklist without pretending I've heard most of the tunes before, but I really like it, and that's all that matters. Right? Riiiiight? Get it here.

Really exciting news - There's a new Ital Tek EP coming out soon. March 19th to be exact. Oh gosh. OH GOSH.

To tide you (me) over until then, there's a free download of "Up" to listen to and giggle about.

I discovered a couple of bands and artists this week. The first is Eleven Tigers, you can listen to clips of his album "111" on their soundcloud or here:

However I'd also recommend you check out ET's earlier album "Clouds Are Mountains" as it's quite frankly astonishing and the track "Stableface" from it is a) incredible b) something that you may recognise.

This is BRILLIANT. Garagey, splicey, slightly wonky awesomeness that's about as fun to listen to as it it is to dance to. I know, I've been dancing to it all week with the cat. Kastle - Could U Want Me

Also brilliant, and also from Belgian label Silverback is this little glimmering, techy, synthy beauty. Much, much love for this remix, the original is good but JTRP have smashed it.

Yep, Scuba - Personality is amazing. It's due out next week, but you can stream the whole thing here. Honestly, I can't praise it enough without my eyes glazing over and waving my arms around. The best part about it for me is the huge amounts of variation throughout it, how some tracks are deeply introverted and others are Vice City-esque cruising tunes. Choice tracks:

A new job has introduced me to Granholme. Wiping the Eye EP came out last October and I love it.

Another band I was introduced to this week were The Antlers. Although not particularly my cup of tea on the face of it (Bon Iver-isms got a bit dull for me a few years ago, I'm afraid) their album Hospice is one of the best pieces of musical storytelling and general heartbreak I've heard. I was warned by the person who recommended it to me (who, despite what you're thinking, is not a gangly crybaby with fake horn-rimmed glasses and an antique book of Baudelaire verses) that I would cry at least once listening to it - oh yes. I did. Don't let that put you off though - it's one of those recommendations you wonder how you'll ever repay. Oh yeah, and if you're hugely judgemental like I am, please bypass the fact that it's yet another song to do (however vaguely) with Sylvia Plath and just get on with it.


Despite myself, this tune is absolutely ace. I want to hear it EVERYWHERE. EEEVERYYYWHEERREEEE!

There's a new Crystal Castles album due out this summer and you can hear the HEALTH remix of Suffication here on Pitchfork.

Somebody posted this up on twitter a day or two ago. I thought it sounded really fresh and was totally gobsmacked to learn that it is in fact from 1991. Deep and tribal, it really wouldn't sound out of place played out anywhere at the moment.

Some cool, ambient sounds from Fill, a side project from Bulb.

IM:Ltd play another blinder with Mono - Warcry. Just the right combination of ethnic percussion and a stressy claustrophobic undercurrent with a tight, malevolent bassline.

fuck tech house - Objekt

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