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SPAM 06/02/12

Alright, if Calibre touched kids, would you rate him? - Reapah
Do you ever listen to a song every so often and hear it slightly different each time? It used to be a palette cleanser in-between your other favourite tracks, but slowly it grows on you until it becomes something you have to listen to every day? That's what this track has done to me - it's made me think I need it. I think I've even put it in a roundup before. Well I don't need it. I can stop listening to it whenever I want. I just WANT to listen to it right now, and I'd be listening to it even if there were other things to listen to because it's good. Stop looking at  me. You gonna take me to Objekt rehab? I'd like to see you TRY.

I also spent a great deal of time last week listening to Scuba - So You Think You're Special on repeat. It's like being in that scene in that independent movie where the skinny girl drinks the vodka and then puts on some leathers and goes shooting people. The live drums sound incredible and the atmosphere is so sparse it's almost overwhelming. Does that make sense? Probably not. Anyway, I'm having a right old Scuba time at the moment because after a few years of it being a total befuddlement to me, I put 'A Mutual Antipathy' on and to my amazement it made total and complete sense. Once again, train journey music epiphanies are the way forward.

More Scuba because he has an album coming out soon - another case of total serendipity on my part I have to say:

If you haven't heard this, or even if you have, get on it. Brilliant guest mix for Get Darker TV by Eleven8 and there's a d/l link too. Booming.

More excellent releases from Flexout Audio in the shape of Hysee and Chromatic & Retraflex:

Frederic Robinson is from Switzerland and he is very, very, very serious about production. You should get to know his name, because I think he might get rather popular. He's already had some very strong releases including this which is my favourite (but which I managed to miss out on getting a copy of on lovely pink vinyl :( ) Just a heads-up.

"Baby you know I'll take care of you / 'Cause you say you got some spyware but I know it ain't true." #WuTangWebDesign
This past week or so has seemed to comprise mainly of a wealth of podcasts and mixes, which I am very happy about. First is another fantastic ambient/dubstep podcast by Tom Bond of Solitude recordings, this time for Buffet of Poland, I believe.

Horizons do deep and heavy how it's supposed to be, this time with Amoss:

A brilliant mix of DnB with some liquid vibes (hate that word but it keeps crawling into my vocab) by the wonderful LSB for

Soothing DnB sounds from Intelligent Recordings, who I only just heard about but who seem to be releasing some extremely solid tunes. I recognise less than 2% of the tracks on this tracklist, but hey, we're all learning every day, right?

I'd also advise you to listen again to Dusk + Blackdown's Rinse FM show from ... I forget the date. Sometime in the past two weeks. Sorry, I lost my bookmark :( But it has some new D+B tunes on and is generally ace.

If you like classy, smooth DnB then seriously listen to this. You probably already have but I'm telling you again. It's amazing, lovely stuff and it makes me feel like I'm dining al fresco in Monte Carlo. Technicolour Fabriclive x Bukem In Session mix.

FACT magazine revealed some exciting info on Photek's "DJ Kicks" 'project'. They also reminded me to listen to the mix he did for them last year. Both the info and the mix can be found here.

This is a rather good mix by my friend and general good egg Luke, who mainly goes by the name Luke, but sometimes is known as Smaur. I recommend you listen to it as like I said, unlike most mixes people pass around by their friends, this one is actually good.

"Sorry, baw is not a acceptable word" . Guttedddd - Hudson Mohawke
Some lovely smooth minimal from somebody I know nothing about. Always a pleasure!

I'm always hawking KC but he's got to be one of my fave dubstep producers by a long way. This is a classic I re-found thanks to my new Spotify account, which is all shiny and mainly unused thanks to the adverts.

This tune needs a release. Somebody pick it up immediately. I heard it in a mix last year and since then have been championing it to anybody who asks me for tune recommendations. I like to think it got put up on Soundcloud when it did because I asked for it - however this is probably an urban myth started by my own narcissism. Oh well. Ed:it & Geographix - Cold Air (ft. Grimm)

I don't think I need to give this any more of an introduction than "SPINLINE! NEW SPINLINE! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG" so that's all I'm gonna do.

One of my best people told me about this band last week and they have swiftly gone to the top of my most played list. Quite the accolade, especially if you take into account the sheer volume and shortness of Onra tracks. Anyway, Why? are excellent despite their needless punctuation and you should get to love them too.

Bonobo - Black Sands remixed. Just found out about the existence of this. Do. Want.

We had a disco party last weekend. This is the best disco song.

OH - the Crosses EP finally came out. Chino Moreno vocals over what seems to be the musical equivalent of a velvety black bedroom. Gothic and synthy but without those shitey boots with metal all over them. Very nice.

Don't get romantically involved with anyone. It makes you listen to things like this:


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