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SP4M - 08/03/12

I used to think that if Tupac's California Love came on while listening to Now 34, he'd come and kill me if I skipped it - joelcrookes
Busy busy busy. That's what I am. There is a helluva lot of impossibly good music around at the moment (it always strikes me as odd that sometimes there is seemingly more music than usual) and as a result I have not really left my computer or phone in a worryingly long time. I've also not had an awful lot of time for things like eating, sleeping or blogging...but not to worry - I've noted down some things for you to listen to, it's not as much as usual but I hope it'll do :)

Firstly, let's talk about Mortem. Upcoming "Life Forms" EP looks to be an absolute fucking belter, and if you're sick of me talking about this guy, then you're in the wrong place - Mortem will own DnB one day. So get to KNOW.

Now more stuff from Intelligent Recs. I seem to do a mini spotlight on a label every week by accident - well this week it's on Intelligent because I just think they are brill. Based in Kiev they are putting out consistently high-quality DnB by artists who send me running to Soundcloud to find out who the hell they are. Definitely get involved.

If you like your vocals, this is a bit of a peach. I love this one, pure liquid goodness -

For more Intelligent Recs insight, check out their podcast.

Mosca shared his top 5 garage jams with Dazed and they are all pretty awesome so you should check the feature out.

John Rolodex and Rene LaVice - no, they aren't a law firm from 1986, they are in fact heavy as fuck and it's time you got all those notions of sharp-suited cheeseballs out of your head.

Do I even need to tell you what this is? Time Carrier has been doing the round for a while now, but it's an absolute hurter. I want to hear this out, and I want to hear it LOUD.

Spinline's D&BA Podcast from last month - amazing.

The Ulterior Motive remix of Klute's "We R The Ones" is out on Monday. I strongly suggest you get it.

Philth has got a pretty sick EP coming out on Flexout Audio at the end of the month. While you wait for Future Dreams" though, have  listen to my favourite track from it:


The sun is starting to come out!

A really, really, really good podcast by Heavy1 for movement Music. Tracklist includes folks like Halogenix, Kodo, Clarity and J. Robinson, and besides that it's well worth checking out if you like dark, minimal and all that jazz.

I may have mentioned before that Z Grab by Enei definitely has the lyrics "Drop...chips" in it. Well this little soulful number is actually called "Drop The Chips". It amused me. Aside from that it's got a lovely Marky-esque summer feel about it. Summmmeeerrrrrrrrrrr!!! (Side-note: Is "Drop the Chips" actually trying to get people to diet ready for their bikini bodies? Who knows.)

This is ace. Garagey splicey happiness from DJ Q.

Lung did a mix specially for Fabric and the Blood Pressure release. It's really rather good. Click here for download link.

I've decided I love Presk. his forthcoming 12" Hesitate / Chook is the cheekiest bass-house (I'm still calling it that, I don't know why) I've heard, and that's why I love it.

Drugged-up garage about drugs. Yaaaay!

Somebody thought I was the woman talking on the intro to The Agony & the Ecstacy. To be fair I do sound like this, however I have not as of yet, been asked to talk in a Leeds accent all over any DnB legend's work yet.

Wisp - In A Blue Face is one of my favourite albums, and "Daffodils" from it never fails to cheer me up when I'm having a rough day. I thought I'd share this because I'm not sure how many people know about Wisp, and we could all do with a pick-me-up from time to time. If you like this, definitely also look into buying his album NTHNDR because it is also beautiful (especially the track "Negions Fail"). Somehow it feels like sketches and ideas but never feels like any more could be added to it to make it better, which is why I like it.

Every time I see S.P.Y play I end up saying something cringeworthy like "he's just *so* amazing". he is pretty good though, you know? This track was on the Sun and Bass Winter in Sardinia album from 2011 and it is 'just *so* amazing...*sigh*'

I forgot how good this track is. Turn it right up and remember!

Was also re-acquainted with my love for Interpol, in particular this absolute beaut of a song. Listen to that big elastic bass. Amazing.

"Weiner" is the funniest word. That's just a fact.
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