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SP4M 15/04/12

I have a long term career goal to make the rewind acceptable at techno parties - DJG
It's slowly becoming summer. Okay, so it started snowing at the weekend, and today it's a brisk 3 degrees in South London (yeah, are you gonna go to the effort of checking?) but in everybody's minds at least, the season of barbecues and sunburn is upon us. The British summertime is an odd thing. People start enjoying cinematic music that they can raise their arms to in festival fields. They also like doing a lot of outdoor daytime drinking. In celebration of this (the arms thing, not the boozing) let's kick things off with some beautifully bracing tracks from LSB and chums.
This first track is actually around about two years old, but the folks over at Liquid Drum & Bass 
reminded me of it this week and I thought it had to be re-shared.

This little wonder by Technicolour (who if you don't know about, you should look up as his mixes are pretty much sublime) Komatic and LSB is worth all of your time. Listen to that build up! What a stunner.

You all know how I feel about S.P.Y, yes? Well, his "Love & Hate" EP is due out on the 7th May and I think it goes without saying that it's a must-buy.

BTW, full disclosure, "Clouds" is the best track and it is ace and I love it.

On Easter Sunday I went to A Bunch Of Cuts features Exit. It was ace. Skeptical did a promo mix for the night before it happened - this is it and if you like deep, dark DnB, I suggest you grab it. Even though the event is over, the mix is still...how you say? Fiyah? Get it here.
I've been listening to a lot of Joy Division lately.

Right, if you've not already bought this single yet, don't worry, you're not a total right-off, just head over to wherever you get your music from and add it to your collection as soon as you can. Spectrasoul's latest release on Shogun Audio has re-affirmed my love for the label (I was starting to get a bit weirded out over some of their recent choices) but aside from that, it's just INCREDIBLE. Remember how good I said Remeniscence was? This is just as good. A-side "Light in the Dark" is an epic string section moody bastard, wheras the flip "Shackles" features sick jungly vibes (eugh) and vocals from the brilliant Fox. Can't recommend it enough, get it bought.

Hot things from Hotflush - the forthcoming EP "Never Love Me" from Beaumont is a shimmering, synthy, glamorously messy affair and I really rather like it.

Juk Juk is quickly becoming a name I immediately link to serious quality. Weird and slightly unnerving chilled beats, one thing he's not is boring. Ever. This warmly dawdles along for a minute or so, and then swells into a crashy, garagey April shower. I like that.

Wreckless' forthcoming release on Peer Pressure might be something I'm working on (I like to be honest with you all) but I do honestly think it's wicked. Current fave off the EP - Smoke Signal. Deep and dark, but with soulful intermissions (and the occasional heavy freakout), have a listen to the whole thing and tell me what you think - I'd like that.

Dance music makers, if you feel like your song is missing something, it's probably claps. Get some claps on the go. - Daft Limmy
A slightly insane Ruckspin mix for you all. A bit of a faff to download if you've not got a D&BA account, but well worth it (you could probably find it on D&B Share if you looked, but I'm not condoning that) Ruckspin - D&BA Mix


Philth (of Flexout Audio and Peer Pressure) had his excellent EP come out last week, and to mark this he did a totally bodacious hour-long mix for Dogs On Acid. Radical! Find it here along with an interview and a picture that proves how ginger he is.

Another great podcast from Intelligent Recordings. Gosh guys, stop showing off.

I'm sure you don't me to tell you just how good any mix by Owen Brown is, so here, just listen to this and shut up. Clarity mix for Organic.

I've learned my lesson about ranting on about Ital Tek. This is me not ranting on about Ital Tek. He did a mix for Urb Magazine, here it is.
Tempted to give up being vegetarian just so I stop doing farts so potent they wake me up in the night - Stenchman
Eastcolors is a name you need to re-acquaint yourself with. He's been busy over the past year or so collaborating with Enei and Nuage, however he's got a SWEET 12" coming out on Demand very soon, and to be honest, I reckon it'll be very difficult for any other release to beat it for me this year. In the mean time, have a listen to this mix he's done for EMToday.

I also wanted to show you the live mix he recorded last year and allowed d/ls on - however he's taken it down, which I think is a massive shame. I don't want to put it on here as he must have taken it down for a reason and I don't want to spread stuff around artists aren't happy with. Saying that, I really want people to hear it, so if ou want it, drop me a DM or something and I'll see what I can do.

Do you want some heavy bastard snares and a bit of nasty bass? Course you do. Have a listen to this forthcoming release by Mikal and get a bit lairy. For what it's worth, I like "The Chant" the best, it's been a tune to look out for (for me anyway) since Break dropped it on't Symmetry podcast. Big.

Ah, you might as well have the Symmetry podcast too, eh?

You know how I hate the word "vibes"? Well...I can't really think of an alternative description for this:

There's not really much Nuage could do to ruin this glowing opinion I have of him. Perhaps if he stole my cat or ran me over in a tractor I might have to have a rethink. Until then however, he can carry on making tracks like this with the likes of Gerwin, and I'll be a very happy Katie indeed.

More ace old-style soulfulness from Mars, with another release from uber-prolific duo dRamatic & dbAudio. Both sides feature smoothily smooth vocals from the one and only Grimm.

I love this and it came out yesterday. Nuff said.

Last but certainly not least by any measurement known to mankind, I'd like you all to know that Lung's debut EP "Why Does Anyone Ever Do Anything?" is out now, and if you like chilled, hopeful dubstep with glints of soul and a smattering of glitchy blips, you should get it. In fact, just get it anyway. If you don't I won't be your friend anymore and I won't invite you to my birthday party, and my mum said there's going to be a bouncy castle and everything.

They're not real people, not until they've lost their shoes at a Radio One Roadshow crowd surfing to Pato Banton - LurpackShakur

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