Monday, 25 June 2012

SP4M: The Amazingness of Electronic Explorations

I'm not really sure if my love for EE has endured for so many years because of its importance in the growth of my musical knowledge and consumption, or that as a ground breaking musical podcast it has managed to remain relatively satisfyingly unheard of. Not in that shit trendy way, but in a "we're so nerdy everyone left the party an hour ago and we didn't notice cuz we were playing with the Moog I got from a car boot sale out in the hallway?" sort of way. There's also the fact that it's linked (in my head, forever) with one of my most favourite places in the world, Ambleside. The Lake District + techno? I'm 100% in.

The Electronic Explorations compilation is out on the 1st of July and you can pre-order it here:

You definitely should. If you like dance music at all and you're thinking that you might not bother, quite frankly, you're a fool. Pay more than £5 for it if you can. Why? Well I'm about to show you seven reasons. So shuuuuuut uurrrrrp.

The following are my top seven favourite Electronic Exploration podcast shows of all time. Why seven? I was going to do five but I couldn't cut it down enough. I listen to all of them at least once a month each, and they have taught me more about what I think electronic music is and should be than anything else I've encountered.

Do you know what else? They are all free. FREE! Fucking hell, mate. You can go on the site right now and get hundreds of amazing mixes and record recommendations for absolutely zip-fucking-all. Rob Booth is providing a public service. I said last year I owed him a cake for how many times EE has helped me out of a particularly terrifying hangover, I think by now I owe him an entire cake factory. A world made entirely of carrot cake. Hm.

Anyway. Here they are. The best seven EE shows that have ever happened in my opinion, ever. Please, by all means, feel free to leave a comment adding your own favourite :)

7. The Black Dog

Slick, "intelligent" bloody wonderfully intricate techno. Is that a thing? Well, I think so. At least, that's what I could hear when I gave it a listen. Please give this a go even if you don't think you like techno. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

6. King Cannibal

It took a while for Dylan to go and do an EE show and it was jolly well worth it. I'm not going to say how great he is because he'll probably read it and that's really embarrassing when that happens. Just download it now, exxxxxxpecially if you like techy bits and filthy bits and just generally thinking "this is dark, so why is it fun?"

5. Loops Haunt

I don't think I could possibly say how much I love this entire show, and Loops Haunt's mix is just nuts. He quite literally doesn't care what he uses, he just likes making a noise. I love it. Thanks to this show I discovered Emika, Al Tourettes and Cloaks.

4. Akkord

An absurdly secretive episode for Akkord, a group that definitely doesn't include Synkro. So good though, worth overcoming that feeling that maybe you just can't be bothered with it if they don't want to tell you. That's totally how I felt. I was wrong.

3. Bop & Ghosting Season

I've been following Ghosting Season on twitter for ages now, and they are just great. I mean, really. You know to trust me now, just go and find out some more about them. Bop, as you probably already know, is Med School's crowning glory, and this mix he did for EE is just so amazingly beautiful I couldn't really believe it, to be honest with you.

2. Author

No tracklist - Set recorded live from DMZ / Exodus (Leeds) in November 2011.
So fucking amazing I said "woah" until I went into a coma. True story. According to my Winamp I have listened to it 47 times, but that's not accounting for all MP3 renditions. Quite honestly, I believe it's a perfect mix, and I want everyone to listen to it to hear how beautiful dubstep can be.

1. iTAL tEK

Friday, 22 June 2012

Gary Barlow Is A Twat (Probably)

Gary Barlow is in the news for tax avoidance. Bloody everyone is in the papers or having snarky web designers make comments about them on Twitter for tax evasion at the moment, because people don't like it when rich folk don't pay their taxes. Why should they? We all have to pay them, it's unfair.

Gary Barlow is a good one though, because he's the sort of toff you want to dislike. My feelings for him have fluctuated over the years - at first I loathed him (as a 7 year old I used to make puke noises every time a Take That song came on the radio), then I decided as a pretentious teen that his songwriting was far superior to that of the usual pop balladeer. Then I forgot all about him; years later he showed up out of the blue on a talent show looking like an angular Nord with the steely, quietly violent eyes of a vengeance killer and subsequently I fancied him quite a lot (and even had a dream where we did it on the royal train out of Bollywood preposto-action romp Dhoom 2). Then I read loads about him being a massive Tory and went off him loads and now here we are.

"Oh come on, I said you *looked* fat, not that you *are* fat. You're being ridiculous you stupid pig." - Gary Barlow did not say this.

This morning, "Back For Good" came on the radio and I realised what an entitled bastard he truly is. Here is my analysis of one of the most popular 90s ballads ever, and what some people use (totally inapropriately) as their main wedding song.

I think what pisses me off the most is how he simply assumes they'll care about how sad he is. Note how he's not totally heartbroken, he's just a bit mopy. He hasn't done the washing up. He's clinging to the fact that deep down, he still thanks whatever happened is his ex-partner's fault.

The last line really gets me.

"I guess now it's time, that you came back for good".

Which in other words means: "Yes yes, you've made your point and I'm very sorry (for whatever it is I was supposed to have done that clearly you took totally out of context and made into a big deal for no reason), now why don't you take your silly head back to my place and I'll make it up to you with a Sharwoods Thai Green Curry and a £6.50 bottle of wine? Hm? Come on. I forgive you for being mad at me you little cutie." *moves remote control from beside him and pats sofa*

Am I projecting? Probably. Still, you see what I mean, eh? Eh? He's been a cunt all along, we were just blind to it because of the nice harmonies!

How many more popstars are actually horrific dickwads? Stay tuned.
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