Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Cry-laughing: An Epidemic

People are crying laughing everywhere I go. They are crying real tears when a man falls into the road - an angry man, who deserves ridicule. They dissolve into weeping hysterics in the safe knowledge that they are right and understood, thanks to statements pasted alongside an illustration of Edwardian ladies or the Minion Scourge; something that would have once been dismissed as Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: content bullshit.

People cry laughing when other people are having fun. People cry laughing when other people are not having fun. People cry laughing when animals do the funniest things. People cry laughing when children are still feeling the effects of anesthesia. People cry laughing when fabricated, one sided arguments are posted under the guise of screenshotted WhatsApp conversations. (They don't even need to be photoshopped anymore, just write the words you never said on a word document, take a photo and share them on Tumblr.) People cry laughing when famous people's nobs fall out of their pants. People cry laughing at badly made cakes, at TV programmes, at bad fashion decisions, at terrible haircuts. People cry laughing at politicians, at journalists and at the royal family. People cry laughing at fake Twitter accounts purporting to be God, or Jesus, or Werner Herzog.

People cry laughing at mocked-up stunts, believing them to be real, believing themselves to be better than the person they are laughing at. People cry laughing at adverts, misunderstanding the original source material, believing themselves to be superior.

Cry laughing is the laugh of people who will never tell you what's so funny. It's the sound of the braying arsehole, loudly deriding your sorry existence by honking and pointing.

Except nobody is cry laughing anymore. Not really. Nobody has cried laughing at something on the internet in a long time.

We're just silently clicking, tapping, sniffing, shuffling into the darkness of total enveloping irrelevance. When hyperbole reaches critical mass, where do we go?

Into the dark, my dears. Into the comforting dark. Cry laughing into the dark.
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