What's All This?

I am lucky enough to sometimes write DnB-related things as part of my job, however I'd like to point out that any opinions shared on this blog are entirely 100% my own, and I do not accept gifts in exchange for a good review. Kind of defeats the purpose really, if you think about it. 

In my spare time I also write for The 405 and Hospitality, any blog that will have me, and in my novel, a rollercoaster ride of hot Polish gangsters and fast cars.

SP4M is my weekly/fortnightly/whenever I have time round-up of the music links and finds I've collected over the previous week/fortnight/whenever. It was originally so I could keep track of the things I found, but some people like reading them, so fair play. I've tried to make them interesting for you :-)

Should you wish to commission some of my drivel for $$DOLLA$$ (or contact me for any other reason) please email me: k.taylor.cronshaw@gmail.com

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